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I don't check my email for two days, and this happens. To be fair, I had ~200 before, and probably three quarters of those are from Twitter, Gowalla, Tumblr and other made up words.

Basically, if you've emailed me or @replied to me and haven't got an answer, you probably won't be getting one until my tests are over this week. Sorry :(. Wish I didn't need to sleep, think of all those wasted hours.

In other news, I need coffee. And some sleep. And why do people say gotten when they could just say got? Its one less syllable, and half the letters! That means its healthier. Think about it, if you eat half as much alphabet soup, you're only eating half the kJ's and processed artificial flavourings. As opposed to those organic artifical flabourings. Wait, what's a flabouring? Is that what you become if you eat too much alphabet soup?