Webmaster Hales on four power supplies


The imitable Webmaster Hales sent the following feedback about my four power supplies post yesterday:

Hey Ruben,

Redundant power supplies are not unusual in server gear. I'm not sure about the multiple PCI slot positions though -- at first I thought they might be SATA bays, but it turns out they are on the front. In fact the front is nothing but SATA bays:

Photo of the HPE Proliant ML350 showing a ton of internal drive bays

A reverse image search of your picture reveals that it's of a HPE Proliant ML350. Pdf with lots of info.

Regards, Hales

Thanks :). And that machine looks like a monster; imagine having all the money in the world and filling such a machine with SSDs or 15K SAS drives.

We use plenty of 1U and 3U rack servers in our data centres at work, but it’s very different seeing this kind of capacity in a tower machine. Those server PSUs also look like they’d be just as loud as those rack servers, so presumably you’d want to stash this as far away from general human habitation as possible.

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