On sneezing and webhost downtime



As some of you would no doubt remember, with my previous webhost Servage it was quite normal for the database or web server backing this blog to go offline for anywhere between several hours to several days. For those who have only just stumbled upon my bizarre mix of whatnot here, I'm not exaggerating with those downtime figures!

My new webhost sent me this message this afternoon:

Dear Ruben,

On Sunday 19th April 2009 we will be performing scheduled maintenance on our shared hosting servers. The maintenance will be starting at 3:00PM and finishing at 5:00PM (GMT+10).

We expect minimal downtime, however you may notice your website unavailable for a period of 2-3 minutes during this time. No email will be affected, only your website.

Best Regards,
Segment Publishing Customer Support

The BSD Daemon You read that right… 2-3 minutes. My old webhost would have blamed an outage of 2-3 minutes on the fact I sneezed and subsequently closed my eyes for the duration of that time. Or worse still, they would have claimed it was the result of me setting my permissions wrong. That was their answer to everything. Hehe, sneeze.

Earlier today I talked about how the best way to treat an online visitor or customer is the same as with any other industry: with respect. I guess having lived without it for so long online, now having it feels weird.

I'm forming a theory that FreeBSD people not only have a better server OS than others, but that they're cooler too. SegPub is a FreeBSD webhost… perhaps I'm onto something. Or perhaps I'm just on something. I wish I were witty, then I'd have wit.

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