Weather outside you wouldn’t endure inside


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I’m a morning person, so I’m letting Clara sleep in while I sit on our balcony and do some reading.

The human body is weird. One thing I learned from working at home over the last few years is how important changes in scenery are; even if it amounts to sitting on the balcony a few metres away from my desk. I also need to be outside as soon as I wake up, or I never do.

But in doing so I made a bizarre observation: I’m willing to tolerate winter chills, and the scorching summer weather I’m enduring right now, if I’m outside. If it was this hot inside, I’d be moaning at how oppressive it is, and smashing the buttons on our aircon remote like there’s no tomorrow.

(Let’s also acknowledge though that there are limits. I don’t think I’d much enjoy doing this in Dubai, or the middle of Greenland)!

Is it proof that so much of our perception comes down to expectations? That’s almost certainly simplistic, but I’ve got to think there’s something to it.

I suppose its the same phenomena at play when I get that bitter taste from a black coffee as opposed to a fruit. The former is satisfying and wakes me up; the latter makes my face shrivel.

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