Banning electric scooters


Jason from NotJustBikes, and Alan Fisher from the Armchair Urbanist did a great podcast episode last March about micro-mobility devices like e-bikes and scooters.

The Big Problem with Small Vechiles

Jason: I get when people are like, “these things shouldn’t be riding at high speed on the sidewalk” [… but] cars are so much worse than this. Provided there’s enough space and safe-enough infrastructure, I really think these are a good idea.

Alan: Usually the only time people ride on the sidewalk is when they feel like the street isn’t safe, or there isn’t an option for them to go a certain direction because it’s made for cars.

Jason: [Cars] really have the majority of space between buildings, whether for moving or just sitting there all day. I generally don’t have patience for that. There’s enough space for everyone if the sidewalks and cycle lanes are wide enough […] we can get along.

Alan: It comes down to road design at that point, and what is a priority.

Jason: Like that study you found, when they banned [micro mobility devices] there was an increase in car traffic.

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