Art of the Hololive En girls by Ina.

The hostnames on my machines were always Star Trek ships, then they were anime characters. Now this has happened on Clara’s and my new homelab server, and weirdly I have no problem remembering what each one was for.

holo$ sudo jls
==> JID  IP Address  Hostname              Path
==>   1   gura.holo.lan         /var/jail/gura  
==>   2   ina.holo.lan          /var/jail/ina
==>   3   kiara.holo.lan        /var/jail/kiara
==>   5   cali.holo.lan         /var/jail/cali
==>   9   ameliaWATSON.holo.lan /var/jail/ameliaWATSON
holo$ ssh gura
==> Heh heh hyuh hyuh! A!     
holo$ ssh ina
==> Ina Ina Inaaaa~    
holo$ ssh kiara
==> Kikkeriki!    
holo$ ssh cali
==> ... guh?     
holo$ ssh ame
==> Amelia, a-WAT-SON!

Art was by Ina herself!