There comes a time in one’s blogging adventures when a specific number of posts is reached. Technically this is not altogether an unusual occurrence; by definition a post will always be a specific number, unless it exists in some weird quantum state occupying several spaces at once. But upon ascribing pointless value, meaning, or significance to a specific integer, one can’t help but be excited having reached it.

I started blogging at the tail-end of 2004 when I was a teenager. Over the years, is a phrase with three words, and now we’re at 7,000 posts. This milestone wasn’t anticipated or planned for; it blissfully sailed past and was only realised upon noticing the footer of the site saying:

Page 1 of 700 → Older posts

With ten posts per page, this results in the number of posts for which this specific one is titled.

Compared to past pointless milestones, I like that this one arrived completely unannounced. I harbour a sufficiently-advanced state of cognitive dissonance that I think numerology is utterly meaningless, and yet I get excited about having made progress on a long-term project as indicated by a number. This should take a back seat to the quality of content produced over a given time period, but if that were the case I’d still probably be counting my posts in the single digits.

Which leads us to what I was writing on the seven-thousandth post itself. For so many reasons I could not have predicted it.

Whoa... Did you hear that? I think it might've been a dolphin.

(Screenshot from Fate/Grand Order, a mobile game by TypeMoon).

I like to think I write about meaningful things I find important or interesting, but I’m also happy that this time around it was something whimsical and fun. Given the current state of the world, I feel like we need more of it.