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Last month, I wrote about an issue I was having with the W3C’s experimental HTML5 validator. While RDFa attributes like “property” are listed as being valid in HTML5 contexts, the validator responded to my meta elements with:

“Element meta is missing required attribute name”

Attributes for element meta: name http-equiv content charset

Fortunately, @sideshowbarker on Twitter was on it:

@Rubenerd please try your examples from [your blog post] again now at http://validator.w3.org/nu/ & if it’s still not working, let me know

Sure enough, I tried out my pages and my previous examples in the linked Nu Markup Validation Service, as well as the W3C Markup Validator 1.3 again. Success!

Thank you to Michael Smith and the team for their feedback and for making their RDFa users happy, I appreciate it ^_^. I will be revising my previous post to indicate the problem is now resolved.