VMware Windows 2000 KB835732 additions error


Windows 2000 still has official Guest Additions support on VMware Fusion 10, the latest release at the time of writing. But if you try installing on a fresh Windows 2000 VM, even with the latest SP4, you’ll get this error:

VMware Product Installation error: Microsoft Runtime DLLs cannot be installed on this operating system. Please see Microsoft KB835732 for details.

The quick solution is installing the Update Rollup 1 for SP4 that Microsoft released in lieu of an official Service Pack 5. I’m not sure which update in that pack adds the right dependency, but I’m happy!

As an aside, I still posit Microsoft’s UI department peaked with Windows 2000. Everything since, from Luna to Aero and the new Windows 8+ Metro have been downgrades in usability, efficiency, and class. BeOS still reigns supreme, though.

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