Coffee art

Given I spend so much time at the Boatdeck Cafe programming and drinking their amazing coffee I'd noticed the owner Joe Karem hadn't been there for a while since I came back. Turns out he didn't divulge himself of his shares after all, he was on holidays in Lebanon around the same time as I was back in Singapore but stayed there longer.

Lebanon is on my ever expanding laundry list of places I want to visit because Beirut has some amazing architecture and cultural sights, but mostly because I love Lebanese food! The best Lebanese I've had in Australia was in a kebab stall in Canberra of all places, in South-East Asia I had a great lunch at the Alamanda shopping centre in Putrajaya. Does being a capital ensure you have good Lebanese food, is that it?

I'd be interested to hear what people reckon is the best place to get it in Adelaide, I admit now I'm having insane cravings!