“Claim chowder” is a Mr John Gruber term for demonstratably-ridiculous predictions levelled at Apple by pundits who should know better by now. He’s not immune to them himself though, as can be seen in this post from 2013:

We have big plans and a long roadmap for Vesper

And from a few days ago:

Yesterday, we announced that development was ceasing, and we’ll soon be shutting down our sync server.

I downloaded Vesper, but didn’t use it owing to its lack of sync. By the time it came around, I had already moved to 1Writer, the single malt of editors. No need to mix a cocktail of custom UI elements and fonts, just straight iOS.

Unfortunately, both use those ≡/meatstack/hamburger drawer menus instead of standard footer navigation, albeit disguided with an arrow. These have to be one of the most regressive UI metaphors in recent times; even Facebook recognised this.

I’m going to start calling them Clam Drawers.