Vending machines in anime visuals


The Western press predictably make a big deal out of the obscure and perverted when talking about Japanese vending machines, but standard drink fare apparatuses—apparatii?—are indispensable. Sorry, couldn’t resist. They really are ubiquitous, and usually have a thoughtfully places recycling bin along side them. A disproportionate number of Clara’s and my favourite Japanese holiday memories include them somehow, which I wouldn’t have expected. I should write a proper post about that.

I was going through a backup folder from 2014 and saw this key visual from Wake Up, Girls!, an anime series from the time. The vending machine behind Okamoto Miyu looks like it’s stocked with cans of a beverage nature, but the light box ad that’s a staple of these machines is advertising some ice cream confectionery product.

Key visual from the Wake Up, Girls! anime with the character Okamoto Miyu on the street in front of a vending machine.

I want to go back to Ōsaka and have our cute boy coffee and tea. One day I hope.

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