UTS Building 11 lifts


Far be it from me to critisise the accessibility of the University of Technology’s latest building. Now in an utterly cruel twist of fate, the one part of the structure that could be counted on for predictable navigation has gone belly up, according to a new email:

Please be advised that Lend Lease will commence rectification works to the stainless steel lifts next Tuesday 07/10/2014.

There will be disruption across all the lifts in CB11 until the rectification is completed. Lend Lease will endeavour to progressively stage the works allowing minimal disruption as possible. During this period it is recommended that the stairs and escalators be used where possible.

That is, if one can figure out how to use them. As I wrote in August:

With escalators and stairs of differing lengths interlocking and sending wary, confused travellers different directions with each artistically mismatched floor, its neigh impossible to find anything. Staring up from the ground floor, the initial feeling of quirky fun gives way to the impression of cluttered, unorganised chaos.

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