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My rather impassioned post about UTS Building 11 garnered a few responses online and offline. Thanks everyone for the feedback.

The consensus was largely that the building was less than ideal, though expressed with slightly less frustration than my post was. @hanezawakirika appeared visibly shaken by the discussion, and @Asasifs sought to remind me that universities are money making enterprises, and that the true "target audience" of the building wasn't students. Touché!

From some of my lovely Twitterlings:

@wanopanog: all the levels are nearly identical, not 'mismatched'. What bugs me is the fact one can't take the stairs all the way up.

Exactly. If you can't access the floors in the same way, they don't have the same layout and fail for accessibility. And don't get me started on the entirely different basement levels, or that awkward entresol off the foyer, or the awkwardly sized open areas with tables in entirely different places for each floor.

@Dorry_kun: What about a university building, to replace and an older one the students couldn't fit in, being even smaller?

No kidding.

@Dorry_kun: To the point that half the class is sitting out in the hallway listening through an opened door?

I've noticed that in the one tutorial I have in that building as well; there are at least two people who have to steal chairs from other rooms and crowd around computer desks desgined for one.

This may be a symptom of class sizes still being calculated for building 10 rooms. If so, I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt while this is all new. If this persists though, the building has failed in the second way a building can.

The foyer and odd basements are probably writeoffs, but I wonder if the odd staircase pattern is structural, or whether they could rip them all out and fix them? Interesting.

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