Rubenerd Blog tagsI really like tag clouds. On my account I always use the built in tag cloud option, and now I've got around to implementing one on the Rubenerd Blog.

Why do I like tag clouds / tag heatmaps? Well aside from the obvious reason that they allow you to view categories or tags based on how many pages they contain or have been tagged with, I like them simply because they take up less space than a static list, and they just look more stylish. Plus they're all Web 2.0-ish, which we all know must mean they're cool.

Without really knowing it, ever since I started this blog I've really used the categories more as tags, so displaying them in a cloud now seems to be the natural progression of this. Some people like creating sub categories and using a dedicated tag extension as something extra, but personally I feel that using WordPress's built in category feature just makes more sense… and it's a lot less effort ;). The advantage we WordPress people have is that Technorati actually recognise WordPress categories and use them as tags anyway which is even more convenient!

I'm using the excellent Category Tagging Plugin which, as the name implies, makes your WordPress categories look and function as tags. The only customisation I made was to change the list elements to be inline in the site's CSS instead of having them in a bulleted list to make it look more "cloudy". Michael Woehrer has done a great job on this plugin, and the PHP file itself has very clean and easy to read structure which makes it perfect for customisation. Plus he has a German last name just like me, so you know his stuff has to be good :D.

I'm working this weekend to make the Rubenerd Show, the Rubenerd Blog and Rubenerd Forum working correctly in Internet Explorer and thought I'd implement this in the process. If you want let me know what you think and if you really like or hate it!


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