Using VPNs for the subs


Under an Ars Technica article on EU copyright law, edwald commented:

Another reason to use proxies or VPN in Europe is the legislation that forces the dubbing of foreign films and tv material to the local language. This heinous practice, which one suspects is primarily an employment program for talentless actors, completely ruins most such material. So, for instance, even if a US-made TV series is nominally available and broadcast in European countries -Austria, say- the material is unwatchable and one must find it by other methods, to enjoy the unadulterated original.

Bluster aside, this is a solid point. I can't say how many times I've sat down to watch a Cantonese movie with Clara, only to hear Mandarin instead. Singapore does this routinely with Chinese–but–not-Mandarin material.

As with anime and other foreign (to me) movies and shows, I'd much rather read subtitles and have the series as originally voiced. There will always be subtleties that won't carry over. It's also just not as fun.

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