My new theme thingy

Given I had so much work and studying to do this evening, I decided to take a break and instead of watching another adorable episode of K-On I thought I'd fix my theme here a bit. Hit [SHIFT] if you don't see a difference ^_^.

I liked the old Singapore skyline backdrop, but the problem was even with compression it was still over 85KiB and it kinda forced my crappy but nostalgically long-standing logo into a corner. I changed the header to match the sides, made all the colours a bit brighter, and got rid of the skyline entirely. I reckon it looks cleaner and more cheerful, and best of all it only weighs in at 25KiB now which will reduce server load and render much more fasterer. Yes, much more fasterer.

For historical comparison, below is what it looked like before. My sister much prefers it, but it is much heavier.

My less than new theme thingy

Up until a few months ago my sites always had a dark background with light text, but most people seemed to prefer dark text on a light background so I finally caved and redid it all from scratch. Much like the pet owner with a really, really ugly dog that's sweet and loyal, I'm admitting the new theme is terrible, but it's terribly mine and so I'm keeping it :).