Let’s give my new newsletter–unsubscribe score card a spin! Today we have ZDNet, and the newsletters I started receiving after creating an account.

I tried unsubscribing by clicking the link in their latest email, which took me to a confirmation page. I didn't provide an answer, and just clicked Submit. It should have unsubscribed me, becuase providing a reason is usually (and should be) optional. Instead:

[Why are you unsubscribing?] Empty Mandatory Attribute
[Your Reason] Empty Mandatory Attribute

Please click your browser's back button, fix the above errors and re-submit your details. Thank you.

So I left them with this reason:

Not allowing people to unsubscribe without providing a reason.

They get 40/100.

[ ] Newsletter was opt-in in the first place 
[x] Unsubscribe link exists in newsletter
[ ] No need to confirm unsubscribe 
[x] No need to login to unsubscribe
[x] No need to find "email preferences"
[x] Reasonable time to unsubscribe (> 48 hours)