Good morning! It’s another overcast, dreary morning in Sydney today, which given recent meterological events is nothing short of wonderful.

Speaking of recurring events—in the industry we call that a segue—I haven’t done a newsletter unsubscribe adventure for a while. I got an otherwise-legitimate email from Sprint, the US phone carrier.


You’ve earned these perks!




Please indicate below which emails you are no longer interested in receiving by entering your email address, checking one of the boxes, and then clicking ‘Submit’:

[ Email Address ]

☐ Sprint Promotional: Please do not send me Sprint promotional email communications

☐ Opt-in Subscription Emails: Please do not send me ANY general promotional email communications AND email communications I opted-in to receive

This is a fail on my newsletter unsubscribe matrix:

✗ Should not need to enter an email address
✗ Should not need to confirm in the first place
✗ Should not need to check multiple checkboxes
✗ Deliberately confusing language for opt-in checkbox
✗ Deliberately vague instructions (one box, not two?)

There are few black and white things in this world, but the only correct and acceptable action when clicking Unsubscribe in email is immediately being unsubscribed. No debate.