CRN poll on fate of the NBN


It’s December, so time to crack open the drafts vault and publish a post that never was. This was from October 2017.

CRN Australia is polling us on this:

NBN chief Bill Morrow says the network is unlikely to make a profit in its current form. What’s the best option for the NBN?

  • Write down NBN’s value
  • Tax on 4G broadband
  • Government bailout
  • Force ISPs to buy more NBN backhaul
  • Sell it off

Or option six, treat it as a utility with value not derived from how profitable it is.

For those outside Australia, the National Broadband Network was a proposed fibre optic replacement for degrading copper phone lines. When the current mob were elected, they replaced economies of scale with a “multi technology mix” that put new copper in the ground, costing more and not working as well. Needless to say, it’s a shambles.

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