Unpacking Singapore, day one



What a day. After living in the serviced apartment here in Singapore for a while we finally found a new apartment complex to move in to. Today was the fun part, sitting at the front door in the morning writing down all the box numbers then stacking the boxes in the right rooms. After lunch my dad and I set about unpacking… by 22:00 we had done the kitchen.

As you can see from the photo above of our lounge room it seems this is going to take a while. My mum is too sick to help and my sister left her projects until the last minute (as I always do myself) so it looks as though it's just Rainer and Ruben. We should get matching shirts.

My dad bought those old wooden cabinets from a local antique shop back in 1997. What's amazing about them and with the traditional way of building furniture is that they use no nails when they build them. The planks of wood are so precisely cut all they need to do is use small wooden pegs to guide each piece. And this was before lasers, CAD and other fancy electronics. Me think it mazing such.

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