Jamie Cullum with Lady Gaga

One of the features of TweetDeck is the Recommends column which displays users the TweetDeck team deem worthy of following. Most of time its a fairly random mix of folks, but sometimes you get some unlikely pairings!

Today’s example as you can see from the screenshot thingy: Jamie Cullum and Lady Gaga. They may as well have put Blue Eyes alongside Lily Allen, or Jim Kloss alongside Rick Dees!

Once the initial humour subsided, I realised something truly horrifying. While Lady Gaga has 3,857,131 followers, Jamie Cullum has a measly 42,232. For that matter Marian Call also only has 6,217.

In heindsight, this post should not have been tried

There is clearly something gravely wrong with the world that is so shocking and terrifying I’m shocked and terrified, and also seemingly incapable of coming up with original thoughts instead of rehashing old descriptions. Shocked and terrified and all that.

jamliecullum: #cheltjazzfest is fantastic this year. Many varied & brilliant sounds and a great vibe all round. Had the maddest day – will tell all later

I am as madly obsessed with Jamie Cullum as a straight guy can be (uh oh, I’ll be getting into trouble for that), he’s one of the few current music scene acts I listen to obsessively. If you’ve never heard of him, for one thing shame on you, and secondly he’s a young English singer/songwriter and one of those jazz pop fusion artists who refuses to make life easy for music classifiers. At last count he can also play a few thousand instruments, give or take.

I have nothing against Lady Gaga and I really admire her attitude in light of so many other female acts thesedays, but her music and I are like a salad dressing that’s been left still for too long. And while she may be an awesome person, if followers are anything to go by she is not that much better than Jamie Cullum, or Marian Call.

Just saying. You were expecting me to say "just sayin’"?