UniSA Virus Uh Oh

Logging onto one of the shared computers at the UniSA Mawson Lakes campus this morning I got this error message. Again.

The virus definition file is more than 7 days old. Updating to a new virus definition file will help catch the most recent viruses.

Also, I like grilled cheese sandwiches. Put one in my CD-ROM tray.

Remember back in the day when having month old definitions was still cutting edge? Now Windows users are considered vulnerable if definitions are 7 days old. Is that why despite being version 6.1 the called it Windows 7?

What's more worrying is shared UniSA computers use a system that wipes them and reimages a clean install of Windows and custom software onto them over the network; it combines the negative insecurity and heavy hardware requirements of a thick client with the bandwidth problems of thin clients while delivering the benefits of neither — genius! But we're getting sidekicked sidetracked: this system means each shared computer across the university would have these old definitions.

Even though my notebooks run FreeBSD, Linux and/or OS X, I think I'll be using Hotspot VPN or GoToMyPC more often when I'm on campus.