I’m an uncool computer scientist



As with my social life, I seem to instinctively pick things that aren't "cool" in computer science. Or so I've been repeatedly told :P. Here's a list I was typing on my phone over the course of this morning.

The listy thing

What’s Cool What I Prefer
GNU/Linux FreeBSD, Mac OS X
bash, zsh tcsh
elinks links
emacs Vim
mutt [Al]pine, TBird
Rijndael Twofish
Triple DES Plaintext
Eclipse NetBeans, TextMate
git Mercurial
Gnome Terminal LilyTerm
Nautilus emelFM2, Thunar, ROXFiler
OOo, Google Docs Gnumeric, AbiWord
Google Reader Bloglines (but I caved in!)
PathFinder Finder
Licence qualms TrueCrypt
IPv6 Not compromising privacy
Konqueror (KDE 3.x) Dolphin (KDE 3.x)
xterm urxvt
Xmonad dwm
Apache Lighty
Ubuntu Sabayon, Fedora
Chrome Firefox, NoScript
Photoshop The Gimp
Illustrator Inkscape
LaTeX DocBook (for plain text)
QuickTime X QuickTime 7 Pro
Ruby On Rails … erubis?
Svelte Apple keyboards Buckling spring Unicomp
Android iOS
iPads Old ThinkPad X40
C#.NET Borland C++ (back in the day!)
Praising Windows 7 Hating on Windows 7
Windows Aero Windows "Classic"
Tumblr Extra blog entries
Client-side JavaScript Server-side processing
Beautiful, premade blog themes Self made, terrible blog theme :)
Lady Gaga Marian Call
Akiyama Mio Kotobuki Tsumugi (pictured)
The Pocket Tiger Minori
C.C. Kallen
Chocolate Vanilla
Blond Black, brown
Drunkenness Calm lucidity
Loud Quiet
Clear days Overcast days
Blog posts with a point Blog posts… like this

The question thing

Are there any things you use or prefer over a so called "cooler" alternative?

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