We’re all keyboard nerds at work, so naturally a colleague just referred me to this crowdfunded kit. The Penna is made to look like a typewriter, right down to the circular quays and side lever. It even comes in a wood option, which even most old school keyboards didn’t include.

Some observations:

  • Can I get a Bakelite version?

  • Have we reached peak hipster? All I need is a grubby shirt, a thin veneer of arrogant aloofness poorly hiding the same shallow consumerism I pretend to loathe, and a bad taste in music.

  • Cherry MX switches aren’t Topres (or Model-M buckling springs), but packing them into a portable keyboard I could use with my ungainly iPhone 7+ would be amazing.

  • If we haven’t reached peak hipster, is it visible on the horizon yet?