I think I set a new personal record of spelling mistakes on my bzip2 KornShell post on Monday:

I had experience with the KornShell from NetBSD, so I started using it everwhere. It has Bourne comaptibility, with a few interactive nicities. I installed ksh93 and left it at that, but have sicne learned there are a few offshoots, including the Public Domain pdksh and MirOS mksh variants.

I was sure the word offshoots was supposed to have a hyphen, but wordnet alleviated this misapprehension. But then I had to confirm misapprehension didn’t need a hyphen, which was an interesting offshoot. And the cycle continued until someone threw a last my way.

I’ll admit, I typed this post on my phone coming back from work, then posted as-is when I got home. The urge to write strikes at odd times, especially in the shower for some reason. There’s an old school joke about SOAP payloads in there somewhere. Or is it old-school? GAH.

I wonder if there’s a way to set spell by default for .md files in Vim?