Twitterrific 2.0 is slick!


Well the removalist packer peoples have done or are currently finishing every room in our house here in KL except mine. I figured what would be a more productive thing to do than to catch up on some work. Then I discovered Twitterrific is up to version 2.0!

Twitterrific is a graphical front end for Twitter on Mac OS X Tiger which lets you post exactly what you're doing and see what your friends are doing without having to go to the website. I did a quickie review of Twitter on Rubenerd Show 222 (shameless plug).

Anyway a bit of a visual comparison because I think screenshots are the bees knees. This is what I was using less than half an hour ago: Twitterrific 1.x:


And this is the updated version:


What I really appreciate in this new version is the ability to see the last several posts by people, not just the latest post followed by a string of names. It's very slick!

You can download Twitterrific from the Icon Factory website (616KB).

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