For the convenience of those who aren't using Twitter I have transcribed a hilarious, witty conversation I had with Lensflared on Twitter this evening.

Lensflared: Come on Sun, where are you?

Rubenerd: @Lensflared Last I heard Sun was being bought by Oracle :D

Lensflared: @Rubenerd Does that mean the Sun will shine even brighter, or will it cause an irreversible eclipse? :-)

Rubenerd: @Lensflared AAAAAAAAAA! Okay you win! :D

What I love about such "high level" nonsense is if you weren't a serious computer nut you'd have no idea what's going on! Or perhaps in this specific IDE context I should say a computer… bean? HA! Damn I should have replied with that instead, don't you hate it when you come up with a great comeback but only after the time when you could have used it?

I talked about this issue a bit more seriously back in early April.