In response to Dave Winer a few days ago I discussed having an associated external URL with each tweet was on the top of my wishlist for Twitter features. It turns out I was too hasty in posting that idea, I have an even better idea for a Twitter feature: filters.

One of the reasons I don't like Facebook's new "life stream" feature is because they assume I care what all my friends are doing constantly. To me, Facebook is a glorified phonebook. With Twitter, I follow people precisely because I'm interested in what they're doing and saying.

The thing is I have a ton of warm, friendly people on Twitter I follow now, but if I read one more cringe-worthy Bible quote, or another story about swine flu (or H1N1 as everyone here in Singapore calls it) I might spontaneously combust; something I'm not sure my medical insurance covers. It works both ways too, I'm sure plenty of people follow me despite my incessant Apple and FreeBSD related tweets!

In the meantime I may need to start looking for a different Twitter client. I moved from Twhirl to TweetDeck back in late 2008 and never looked back: it turns my widescreen 23" monitor into something better than CNN, IRC and SMS (loving the TLAs) combined, but the filtering features are far too basic and aren't static between sessions.