Those of you on Twitter have been subjected to my newfound confidence about posting on FreeBSD and NetBSD, my favourite operating systems. My radio silence on social media until recently stemmed from some early frustrations, specifically the knee-jerk, rhetorical responses asking why I’d use it, or often far worse. It got to me after a while, and I decided it simply wasn’t worth it.

Take this article about installing FreeBSD 12 on the Atomic Pi by @Famicomam. It was a fantastic project, complete with photos. Naturally, this solicited a response from a dull troll asking what FreeBSD could be used for, and mocking them for writing articles over building things. No, really.

A related comment I’ve also had a few times is you only use it to be different, without a trace of irony, in response to a post where I’ve explained and why I’ve used it to solve a specific problem.

I’ve stopped trying to understand the mindset of these people. Being a jerk for the sake of it is surely too simplistic; there’s something else going on that perhaps with investigation I could figure out. Motivation to do so isn’t exactly forthcoming though.