Trying vim-plug


I’ve used Vundle for years to manage my Vim plugins, but I saw vim-plug referenced in a plugin’s documentation, and thought it was worth a try. I don’t use many plugins, so the idea of a “minimalist” tool was appealing.

I added the following to my ~/.vimrc, with a larger and smaller plugin to test:

call plug#begin()
Plug 'sirver/UltiSnips'
Plug 'jsit/toast.vim'
call plug#end()

Then downloaded vim-plug into the ~/.vim/autoload/ folder:

$ mkdir ~/.vim/autoload
$ cd ~/.vim/autoload
$ curl -OL

Now I can run :PlugInstall! to get them installed, surprising though it may seem.

Updated. Elapsed time: 14.727488 sec.
- Finishing ... Done!
- UltiSnips: Resolving deltas: 100% (527/527), done.
- toast.vim: Receiving objects: 100% (5/5), 4.94 KiB | 4.94 MiB/s, done.

That was it! Nice.

Thanks to Junegunn Choi and the contributors for this excellent tool. They’ve got a coffee coming from me.

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