Trying Grammarly


I tried Grammarly on a recent post. These were the sentences it highlighted:

Me: A longer password with plain words has more entropy, and is more likely to be used because people remember them.

Grammarly: It appear [sic] that you have an unnecessary comma in a compound predicate. Consider removing it.

Overuse of that is a pet peeve of mine. It’s superfluous and awkward when spoken. The comma was to introduce a pause, but re-reading it I now I should have employed a second sentence.

Me: Running 32 bit OSs on 64 bit hardware with less than 4 GiB of memory, to save system resources.

Grammarly: It appears that 64 bit is missing a hyphen.

Another superfluous that. And if so, why not 32-bit?

Me: Using lighttpd over Apache.

Grammarly: Our dictionary does not include the word lighttpd.

Your dictionary is incomplete.

Me: Writing with WordPress over Movable Type and Radio Userland because it’s cleaner and lighter weight.

Grammarly: It appears that there is a missing preposition after the word because. Suggestion: because of.

No. And because of would make no sense:

Writing with WordPress over Movable Type and Radio Userland because of it’s cleaner and lighter weight.

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