Truncated to sixty pages


I updated Hugo, the static site generator, and for some reason only the first sixty pages are generated now, inclusive of the home page:

                   |  EN    

location: sydney

  Pages            | 14250  
  Paginator pages  |    59

I have no idea why. This weekend is pretty packed, so I won’t be able to check any time soon. Every post in the archives are still available.

Update: solved!

Three problems. First, you’re allegedly not supposed to start sentences with numbers. Second, I was messing with git branches for each year of posts, and only 2018 was in the post folder to generate. And third, I generated the site again and got this:

ERROR 2018/08/11 16:39:58 \
Error: listen tcp \
socket: too many open files in system

Well, then! I generated on my FreeBSD cloud instance instead, and now all the pages are restored.

                   |  EN    

location: sydney

  Pages            | 19330  
  Paginator pages  |   567  

I wonder if I’m hitting limits on my Mac with static site generation here?

Update again: averted!

Somehow my git branches had recursively added folders into themselves twice, so the site was trying to generate from 10,000+ posts instead of 5,000. Deduping mitigated the error, but now I fear I’ll hit it again in a few years.

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