Transmission Bittorrent Client


I've been looking around for a small, lightweight Bittorrent client for Mac OS X. So far I used the vanilla Bittorrent client and Azureus on the Mac and was fairly impressed, but the vanilla client was pretty… vanilla, and Azureus uses so many system resources! I guess because it's Java and not a true Cocoa program.

I tried Transmission ( and was really impressed. It's only 300 kilobytes in size (VERY refreshing after downloading Azureus!) and because it's a native it works brilliantly, even on my ageing iBook G3 machine.

Plus I can also use it on my XFce DragonFlyBSD machine with the Linux version too, both are VERY polished programs!

And if you're a Windows user and want to give it a go… GET A REAL OPERATING SYSTEM! :D.

Below are some screenshots; I've uploaded them onto my server so I'm not leeching their bandwidth, so check out for updates. I don't think I need to tell you which one is running on Mac and which is on Linux ;)

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