Transmission 0.7 released


My favourite bittorrent client has been bumped up to version 0.7. Dont forget to Digg it if you use that. Personally I can't stand Digg, but that's just me ;).

This is what I said about it early in March 2006:

I’ve been looking around for a small, lightweight Bittorrent client for Mac OS X. So far I used the vanilla Bittorrent client and Azureus on the Mac and was fairly impressed, but the vanilla client was pretty… vanilla, and Azureus uses so many system resources! I guess because it’s Java and not a true Cocoa program.

I tried Transmission ( and was really impressed. It’s only 300 kilobytes in size (VERY refreshing after downloading Azureus!) and because it’s a native it works brilliantly, even on my ageing iBook G3 machine.

From what I can tell after using it so far the program looks much more polished, the colours are more professional and the new "Minimal Layout" makes it much easier to view when you have stacks of transfers going.


The new features in the Mac version according to the forum post:

  • New icon
  • Automatic port mapping (NAT-PMP and UPnP IGD)
  • Peer exchange (PEX) compatible with Azureus and uTorrent
  • Multitracker support
  • Better handling of tracker announce interval
  • Fixes bug where absurdly huge upload/download totals could be sent
  • Automatic tracker scraping
  • Cache connected peers
  • Many miscellaneous bugfixes and small improvements

And I do like the new icon :)


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