Our collective ambivilence to government metadata retention may be understandable now; people are okay doing it to their ones. Melissa Davey wrote this for The Guardian:

Almost half of young Australians believe tracking their partner by going through their computer or phone, or by installing phone and computer tracking software, is acceptable.

This was one of the findings from a nationally representative survey of 1923 people aged between 16 and 24 about their attitudes towards violence against women. The results were launched by VicHealth in Melbourne on Thursday.

Although 84% agreed tracking a partner by electronic means without her consent was serious, 46% said it was acceptable to some degree.

Talk about a lack of respect. Unfortunately, that's not the scariest observation:

And 20% of those surveyed said women often said “no” to sexual activity when they meant “yes”, and 18% agreed if a woman was raped while affected by alcohol or drugs she was partly responsible.

Do kindly sod off.