Torch him! He dissed IPv6!


Instead of discussing the pertinent and real privacy and security issues surrounding IPv6, I'm saddened that I even have to write a post like this at all. I want to write about another anime I just watched, sheesh!

Say what?

In my previous post on IPv6, I lamented the fact the discussion surrounding its viability were limited to pointing out that IPv4 address space is running dangerously low. I acknowledged this to be a grave issue and that the move to IPv6 was necessary (and increasingly so!), but that I was concerned that its issues were being swept under the rug.

Unfortunately, IPv4's real shortcomings aren't the only thing blocking rational discourse on IPv6, its also in the language used by some of IPv6's proponents, and the attitude they display to people like me who have concerns.

Instead of attacking the points we make, these rude people prefer to level ad hominem attacks on our character, and use childish insults. We're blasted for being ignorant and our points stupid. There's no question such attacks are easier to perform than civilised discussion, but lowering our discourse like this doesn't help anyone, and in fact perhaps speaks to the level of confidence these people have in their own points if they can't even be brought to discuss them rationally.

Uh yeah, welcome to the net!

Part of this is part and parcel of the internet, trolls have been around for as long as two people with different opinions have had access to keyboard and too many sugary beverages. I suppose I just need to learn that there are some people you just don't want to waste your time and energy on.

Funnily enough, some of the people who levelled insults at me have since become friendly when the attacks stopped and we started talking about the tech. I guess its true what my old lecturer used to say about politicians in particular: don't you hate when politics gets in the way of this awesome stuff we've built? I'm a huge fan of finding common ground, its why my friend from uni who's an Android user and I can discuss the shortcomings of Windows Phone 7 ;).

As for my more technical IPv6 post, now that I know people are waiting in the wings to pick apart my arguments with a fine tooth comb, I'm having to take much more time writing it! Normally I write a post in an afternoon and let people comment on if I've missed things, but I can tell this will be attracting a lot of attention, much of it not positive! This wasn't what I had in mind when I started writing this more casual blog post, such discussion was only supposed to be on my work site. Oh well ;).

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