Tokyo 2018


Photo holding my bag with sakura!

It’s official, I’ve broken my #postaday2018 challenge, never to be mentioned again. I did it in 2011, but not this year!

But it was broken for good reason, I’m in Tokyo for annual leave, and attending AsiaBSDCon. This is the first day on the whirlwind trip that I’ve cracked open the laptop to type something that wasn’t notes from a presentation, or to charge my exhausted phone. As much as I love writing, exploring will take precedence, especially when Clara and keep adding more places to see!

(Photo above is of Clara and I at the Ueno park, with budding sakura and a bag being held with a swish new FreeBSD Foundation handle grip!)

Tokyo ain’t no Osaka—heh—but it’s an amazing place. Busy and crowded for sure, but it all just works. We’re too early for the full sakura bloom, but we saw a couple of trees crowded with tourists! And AsiaBSDCon was everything I’d hoped it’d be; I even got photos with some of my heros. And the views from the Tokyo Tower and other places eclipse New York; no small feat.

More details and thoughts when I get back to a keyboard; but for now it’s time to look like an awful gaijin weeb tourist with a camera and Mashu bag tag.

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