This all happened today. Rational people would say this is all confirmation bias, and I was out to find further examples given I got grumpy from a few failures! I like to pretend the world was out to get me.

  • The power supply in my 1980s TEAC amplifier arked a bright blue inside, and died.

  • My ThinkPad T550 reports detecting no internal keyboard or trackpad.

  • The Minecraft launcher on Clara’s and my server initially crashed on start. Rebooting the server now leads to “lost connection: Disconnected” errors.

  • Our NBN connection that was supposed to be enabled in our new apartment this morning wasn’t.

  • My trackball mouse no longer responds to its left button, and one of the screws was attached too hard to remove.

  • Our AppleTV couldn’t get to any of our tethered or ad-hoc Wi-Fi networks.

  • Sudo.

  • Misspelling “arcing” as “arking”