Tire evidence by Peter McDonald


Every forensic science show I watch that involves tyre imprint evidence either interviewed or referenced Peter McDonald. He literally wrote the book on tyre evidence, and was also one of those frustrating people who was a technical expert and an artist. Compared to many stone-faced officers and prosecutors, it was also clear how much he cared about the victims he helped investigate.

Cover of Tire Evidence.

Sadly he passed away in 2013, but I only just realised his book is publicly available in print, and not locked away in academia. I’m tempted to find a copy, even if I have to go the paper route.

I love non-fiction, and especially books that explore topics I have no background in whatsoever. As Merlin Mann says, there’s something invigorating about reading or listening to topics from passionate people, regardless of what it is.

Who knows, given how some Sydney Buses drive around pedestrians, I may find this book useful sooner than I think.

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