Tips From Ready Steady Cook


Ready Steady Cook is an Aussie television programme on Channel 10, based on the BBC's show in the UK of the same name.

Anyway, I didn't know this, but did you know if you chop onion with a SHARP knife (as opposed to a dumb knife… har har) you won't get anywhere near the amount of stinging in your eyes? With a blunt knife you break a lot more cell walls which releases more of the vapour which, when mixed with the fluid in your eyes creates a mild acid… ouch!

And some tips for making great baked vegetables:

  • When baking potato/onion etc, chop them up into similar sizes, so when they bake they all cook evenly
  • Add light amount of oil and seasoning before putting them in
  • Don't stack the veggies on top of each other, or they'll stew and go yucky

You learn something new each… week.

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