Throwing corn in the coffee


The day started like any other. What a preposterous statement; no days are alike. Or are they? I’m not sure. This could drag out into an entire philosophical discussion for which I’m not mentally equipped to engage in at present.

I like presents. Point is, today in fact didn’t start like any other. No sleep was had while working through the entire night to daybreak; an activity which I try to avoid like that creepy cat from next door. I like being prepared and developing things in my own time. As we’ve all experienced however, we don’t always have the luxury.

In any case, to celebrate the completion of aforementioned work, Clara took me to Tom-N-Toms in town for a celebratory cappuccino and corn pretzel. Judging from their Starbucks-esque logo I’d long dismissed them as the Samsung of coffee shops, but their food is as inspired as it is fresh, and their coffee isn’t half bad either. Clara and I have adopted two of them as our homes away from home in the Sydney CBD.

When one attempts to eat a cheese and corn filled pretzel however, one must possess a level of dexterity to ensure some of the kernels do not leave their pretzel containment apparatus, and land with a hefty splash into the coffee you were also consuming. Nobody had warned me of this, leading to this detailed situation. Turns out it wasn’t half bad! Unlike this post, which I really shouldn’t be writing while I’m severely sleep deprived.

And so I’m off to the land of sleep. I normally attempt lucid dreams, but I’m hoping for absolute brain rest tonight. Judging from the stilted structure of this post, you can tell I need it.

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