Thoughts post archive

  1. Exercise during isolation
  2. Race riots
  3. SpaceX Crew Dragon docks with the ISS
  4. Wealth inequality and falling interest rates
  5. Costa Rica recognises marriage equality
  6. I’m relieved that...
  7. Your local cafe is an expensive habit!
  8. COVID is the ultimate externality
  9. Post-US world on display
  10. If there are silver linings to any of this
  11. Kevin Rudd on Australia and NZ's relative COVID success
  12. Try and pick the fake COVID story
  13. First late night walk in ages
  14. Change is a measure of competence
  15. $100 million on your first letter
  16. Working remote
  17. Correcting the record
  18. A happy birthday jiggly pancake
  19. How to version control LibreOffice spreadsheets
  20. A meta-thinking realisation
  21. New neighbours
  22. 2020–02–29
  23. I was thinking
  24. Physical symptoms of job stress
  25. Writing without backpacks or spaces
  26. Owner-occupiers driving house demand
  27. Both sides to saving money on cafés
  28. Empathy for Scotland rejoining the EU
  29. 2020–02–02
  30. Living in electric dreams
  31. Bushfire news is too much
  32. A personal retrospective on the 2010s
  33. Our own small brush with a bushfire
  34. Revisiting ten ways to reduce stress
  35. Bushfires, with comments from my dad
  36. Impeached Mr Orange
  37. ATAR results, via @BADCATBAD_
  38. Chatswood sky, April and today
  39. The career skill of accountability
  40. Where life expectancy is above 80
  41. Funding bhyve VirtFS/9p completion project
  42. My friend on the way to school
  43. Angus Taylor’s metadata adventure
  44. A Potemkin mind
  45. What I’m excited about
  46. And now, Sydney thunderstorms!?
  47. Another smoky Sydney morning
  48. A smoky Sydney morning
  49. Pronouncing Project like Progress
  50. Australia’s ruling class on bushfires
  51. Thanks everyone for your positive thoughts!
  52. When companies underpay staff
  53. Thanking Medicare and RNS staff
  54. 1977 kept coming up
  55. Small homes out of trucks
  56. Deciding on a bank based on their mobile apps
  57. Cape Town Civic Centre
  58. Housing as an asset class
  59. Australia’s uninterrupted economic growth…
  60. Carrie Lam and Boris Johnson
  61. More sun, less grass
  62. The SS Grampian
  63. Lesson 11 in grilled cheese sandwich observation
  64. Decluttering: Mofo Soap
  65. Your Sunday morning economics snippets
  66. Reading list for early August 2019
  67. Can’t change Slack private channels to public
  68. Even with the best of intentions...
  69. The new Funan Centre
  70. Where do you find the time to blog?
  71. Feedback from @infinitary
  72. Dual-boot NT and NetBSD on the Libretto 70CT
  73. False dichotomy of human rights or privacy
  74. Boris Johnson, and malicious joy
  75. Australian solar to Singapore via undersea cable
  76. That time he whinged about a headache
  77. Some random things I learned today
  78. Ansible name parameters in cron
  79. President Widodo raises plastic at G20
  80. Sashin’s House at the Top of the World
  81. Spellging mistaes for this week
  82. When people say Straight Pride
  83. Speaking of plastic
  84. Benjamin Wittes on the Mueller Report
  85. Reading atlases, and Stepanakert in Artsakh
  86. Plastic straw ban follow up
  87. Just live without your phone for a week? Yeah, no
  88. Not if they win the lotto!
  89. Plumbing drafts: Now
  90. Tigerlily
  91. Australia lost, again
  92. Bob Hawke
  93. Snippets from my personal wiki
  94. Type fast and break prose
  95. Intermittent fasting, and metabolism
  96. Who’s Chef Boyardee?
  97. Brexit silver lining
  98. Attitudes to mental health
  99. Estonian government-in-exile
  100. Our first aviation go-around
  101. New Japanese Reiwa era announced
  102. Back at the best blog park bench
  103. Late night Tokyo egg sando
  104. Donating billionaires
  105. The Christchurch massacre
  106. Peak California... on Medium
  107. Good planning
  108. Bosnia and Herzegovina has a coast
  109. Back to school specials!!1!one!
  110. Lateral thinking: sponges
  111. George Pell found guilty
  112. And now Sydney is frigidly cold?
  113. Anxiety plus ignorance, it is!
  114. Remembering Le Cornu in Adelaide
  115. Airbus ending the A380
  116. Scott Morrison loses a vote
  117. Tony Benn on refugees
  118. Do parliaments need a separate executive?
  119. Lazy Sunday, anime figs, missing email
  120. Ending mandatory religious classes
  121. Going loud in the morning
  122. Day after Australia Day picnic
  123. It’s been a month since the 25th of December
  124. Moving to Chatswood
  125. Companies leaving over Brexit
  126. It has numbers in them
  127. Forum signatures
  128. My final answer on mock meat
  129. The folly of haircut instructions
  130. Create a mirror of an FTP site with wget
  131. Having another Brexit vote
  132. Scientology’s Australian recruit struggle
  133. Buying the Chrysler Building
  134. On entrepreneurship
  135. He’s just not that great a negotiator
  136. Just test the damned pills
  137. Financial hardship in invoicing
  138. Some café quotes from this morning
  139. Life advice
  140. The Opal Tower conflict of interest
  141. Bookmark cleanout, December 2018
  142. The RMS Lucania and Campania
  143. Retail abuse
  144. Australian property downturn reporting
  145. Chains I miss in Australia and Singapore
  146. Parliament a disadvatage for governments?
  147. 3D printing the future
  148. A dodgy English sentence on USB keys
  149. Sugar-free whisky sour
  150. Apia
  151. Goodbye FastWay Supermarket
  152. The Hawker Siddeley Nimrod
  153. Rubenerd Vacancy Pile Index
  154. Feminine men
  155. Create new FAT floppy disk image on macOS
  156. Loud coffee shops
  157. Australian Prime Minister Taylor Swift
  158. High-vis economics
  159. RMS initials and acronyms
  160. macOS guest in VMware Fusion
  161. Workshop spam on demonstratable empathy
  162. Encourage-mint
  163. Brexit and paranoid fantasies
  164. Migraine coping techniques
  165. Support Atheist Nexus
  166. Music Monday: Bump of Chicken, Ray
  167. World War I
  168. Work automation
  169. New Caledonia votes against independence
  170. Gendered schools
  171. It wasn’t Pyne’s fault, maybe!
  172. Victorian opposition leader on religious classes
  173. Goodbye, Chatswood stores
  174. That rising temperature bet
  175. Not having an opinion
  176. MAS: trade friction and uncertainty
  177. An empty udon bar at night
  178. An Australian public energy retailer
  179. Australian household spending from savings
  180. Father's day, life, work
  181. Australian Prime Minister Morrison
  182. Communicating isn’t just stating facts
  183. Scalars greater than 2
  184. A straw-man argument on plastic
  185. 2018-08-08 08:08:08
  186. When I got stuck in my own bathroom
  187. Cancelling your Australian My Health Record
  188. Goodbye, Nikon 1
  189. Das FütenBaum
  190. Wasting writing talent on finance
  191. Guacamole
  192. This evening’s Mission Bay office
  193. Classic Menu for Office
  194. Cafe Réveille, and Oatly
  195. Evil fake Scotch
  196. Secular worldviews survey
  197. The Transamerica Pyramid
  198. Bathroom observations
  199. Alan Bean 🚀
  200. Micro‐beads
  201. Kline bottle limerick
  202. From the not‐this‐again department
  203. DOS and sex-ed feedback by @ozzmosis, @Georgiecel
  204. Respect for sex education
  205. Nice FreeBSD bash prompt
  206. It's a foggy Sydney this morning
  207. Mad as Hell!
  208. Turning 32!
  209. First direct flights from Australia to the UK
  210. Tokyo 2018
  211. Rockmelon and life
  212. It’s the first of March
  213. People leaving Sydney domestically
  214. Looking at slabs of glass
  215. Codeine in Australia
  216. A redacted post about an Australian politician
  217. Expedia spam
  218. The Pushkinsky Bridge
  219. Ridding myself of vices
  220. Yeah but, y’know, caffeine butter
  221. Leopard surprises me, a decade ago
  222. Evolution, a decade ago
  223. No Speedo patterns for gents
  224. Sydney’s bubble tea, ranked
  225. Not attributing motives or histories to people
  226. Baked Australia
  227. Welcome to 2018!
  228. Tactical summer beverages
  229. Brigid Delaney on Australia’s 2017
  230. The unrecyclable, unsellable stuff
  231. Sportsmanship
  232. Marriage equality now law in Australia 🎄 🌈
  233. Selling on eBay, December 2017
  234. Australia just said yes to marriage equality 🌈
  235. Belle Gibson, fake cures, and media
  236. J. Ellis on thoeries
  237. King Willem-Alexander at KLM
  238. Irredentism
  239. Marriage equality
  240. Trump
  241. Pointless list #1: People I like and dislike
  242. Xen and KVM in 2017
  243. Manflu 2017
  244. HTML layout template example
  245. Going from Vegetarian to Pescetarian
  246. In fact, we do elect our Prime Ministers
  247. The best blog park bench in the world
  248. Australia’s wave of resigning MPs
  249. An Osaka Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
  250. Lonely people in Singapore
  251. Gotten
  252. Cardinal George Pell charged
  253. Doc Searls: Lessons people learn too late
  254. Boeing 757 Heavy
  255. Moving in 2017, and all that fun stuff
  256. VASP
  257. Ogden Nash #1
  258. UK election 2017
  259. Sydney house prices in 2017
  260. Jerry Novak's June coffee
  261. Interest over values
  262. Giving up refined sugar
  263. Charities worth your time and money
  264. Marcon, not Le Pen
  265. I’m 31
  266. Chlorinated water bottles
  267. Dad on the mend
  268. Hot enough for you 2017?
  269. Millions benefit from housing speculation
  270. UK's EU ambassador quits
  271. But even in their dressing
  272. 2016 and masculinity
  273. Prescription drugs are far worse
  274. Why politicians like property investment
  275. Domain: All you need are rich parents
  276. Australia's immigration dimwits
  277. Trump
  278. One Australian electorate against marriage equality
  279. Leaked doc show long Medicare delays
  280. Eleven cafe trends
  281. Collecting a decade of work
  282. Lesson 10 in grilled cheese sandwich observation
  283. Japan on Brexit
  284. Amex Australia customer survey
  285. S. R. Nathan
  286. Back on 20th August 2006
  287. Moving to Amex
  288. Extracting more money from renters
  289. Sydney restaurants that take Amex
  290. Ruben the university graduate
  291. Eschewing (gesundheit) the word just
  292. It’s 7-11
  293. Being an ISFJ
  294. Check your election enrolment
  295. Dumb interview questions
  296. Using spell checkers to break bad habits
  297. Introversion
  298. We don’t need Australian state taxes
  299. Thirty
  300. No more Australian HECS repayment incentives
  301. First of February
  302. Back at the Boatdeck Café
  303. The 2015 Toffee Nut Latte
  304. Is Earth's clear sky unusual?
  305. We are all Lebanese and French
  306. Why bother with fake meat?
  307. +612 8076 2005 is spam
  308. I could pass a US citizenship test
  309. Dishing it out, but can't take it?
  310. World Airways
  311. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull
  312. Subtracting dates to 209
  313. Two years of the Abbott Government
  314. Call on Australian Government to offer safety to Syrian Refugees
  315. Denali joins Uluru
  316. Drop the grit
  317. Goodbye, Bronwyn Bishop
  318. San Francisco trialling urine–repelling paint
  319. Integral to the success of integers
  320. Another reminder of luck
  321. Reading off smartphones is rote learning
  322. Mothers Day 2015
  323. Red Cross Appeal for Nepal
  324. Australian housing affordability
  325. When you factor in externalities
  326. Shaun needs dental surgery
  327. Something rather than something
  328. Australian living standards
  329. The @FrankNora on inevitable guns
  330. US bases in Australia
  331. John Roderick for Seattle City Council
  332. “Y Combinator created a new model for startups”
  333. I’m done, Mr Abbott
  334. Back to Work on beating yourself up
  335. He’s still Prime Minister Abbott
  336. Tony Abbott is Australia’s George W. Bush
  337. Marijuana for chronic pain
  338. WordPress category not updated errors
  339. Happy New Year from Singapore!
  340. #SydneySiege
  341. Romeo The Puppy, 1999–2014
  342. Australian climate policy up somewhere
  343. Authors of your own misfortune
  344. Gough Whitlam 1916–2014
  345. Oktoberfest
  346. Words in your face are ruder than smoke
  347. Happy Birthday Mummy
  348. Creepy sanctioned University Experience Surveys
  349. Scotland 2014
  350. Australian Coalition repeals mining tax
  351. Burning Man
  352. Hey mate, you got WiFi at this cafe?
  353. This may need an RTA call
  354. Robin Williams
  355. Happy birthday @hanezawakirika!
  356. Deregulating Australian university fees
  357. Onadera shoots down the manflu
  358. A nation of coffee-drinkers
  359. Libertarianism
  360. The pedestrian blind spot
  361. UTS Feedback Survey 2014
  362. Easter dinner again
  363. Goodbye @JamieJakov
  364. A birthday Tea Cosy
  365. This birthday post is shamelessly backdated
  366. Fluffy White Day Yuki marshmallows
  367. Fortuitous circumstances
  368. Celebrating post 4000 around a campfire
  369. Happiness
  370. A quadratic Beatles moment
  371. Social expectations in a grocery bag
  372. My first late night Winter Olympic kebab
  373. Valentines 2014
  374. Vadim Brodski
  375. A late night cup of hot water
  376. Sydney doesn’t need trams, it needs a metro
  377. A basic FreeBSD NAS with netatalk3
  378. Learning about fatigue
  379. Bootstrapping legal identity, or Who Are You?
  380. Romeo the puppy
  381. The shared experience of Life of Brian
  382. Total [Non–] Recall
  383. An egg shaped boulder
  384. Wet’n’Wild Australian infrastructure
  385. Latvia and adopting the Euro
  386. Belated Sydney Central Terminal decs
  387. Happy 2014
  388. Just saying you’re nice doesn’t make it so
  389. Globalisation in an O’Briens Irish Sandwich Bar
  390. Holidays 2013
  391. Rubenerd Patron ♔ Sir Novak
  392. Accounting for the unexpected
  393. The best cooking smells
  394. 11/12/13 (2013.12.11)
  395. Nelson Mandela ♡
  396. When you find yourself at Cafe Neo
  397. The Hornsby Tornado
  398. Goodbye, Kevin Rudd
  399. Throwing corn in the coffee
  400. SPARK
  401. #NSWFires 2013
  402. Goodbye UTS Tower Building trees
  403. Dependencies and @hotdogsladies
  404. Happy Birthday Lord Potato @Sebasu_tan
  405. Sport and art in Australia
  406. The Merlin Mann on curiosity
  407. Birthday keeki for mummy
  408. Muckup day
  409. Prime Minister Tony Abbott
  410. Caffeine may contribute to healthy liver
  411. Malcolm Fraser on drones
  412. Back to normal at UTS
  413. The day I got my foot back
  414. Ongoing UTS power issues
  415. When your uni is still somewhat flooded
  416. When your university lecture submerges
  417. Our first year together
  418. Pixelart version of Rubi
  419. When your ankle is still a beach ball
  420. Followup supposition soup
  421. Kevin Rudd is Prime Minister, again
  422. Happy birthday @hanezawakirika
  423. I broke ground on Sunday, with my ankle!
  424. High frequency trading
  425. Science with @ChrisMatyszczyk
  426. Congratulations @hanezawakirika and @uberlutzer!
  427. Happy Birthday @domossu!
  428. LNP doesn’t want the university student vote either
  429. Lady @Adasifs and Her birthday
  430. Labor doesn’t want the university student vote
  431. Margaret Thatcher
  432. Veraciously voracious!
  433. I don’t care, I’m an introvert. Thank you @hanezawakirika!
  434. I’m now a subnetwork
  435. The problem with being spiritual but not religious
  436. Albania and the European Union
  437. Stephen Fry on Pope Benedict XVI
  438. Goodbye drink containers, my old friends
  439. Hottest Sydney day on record
  440. Bundesbank to retrieve £125bn of gold reserves
  441. Another school shooting in the US
  442. Good morning, bad night
  443. Hot damn, Sydney
  444. Happy New Year, 2013!
  445. ❄ Yuletide 2012
  446. A Mayan end of the world rant!
  447. When I lost some respect for Julia Gillard
  448. 我爱你 Clara ♡
  449. Alpha Centauri Bb
  450. Happy Birthday Mummy
  451. How to use Dropbox public folder
  452. Happy Birthday Singapore #ndp2012
  453. The NASA #Curiosity rover arrived!
  454. Singapore posts on hold
  455. Bashar al-Assad, Julian Assange
  456. But it’s just a theory!
  457. Empty spaces
  458. Higgs boson
  459. Happy birthday @hanezawakirika!
  460. A Parisian adventure with @Sebasu_tan
  461. Why I shouldn’t write nonsense at 01:00
  462. One of them thinking out loud posts
  463. Happy Mother’s Day
  464. 100% renewables at UTS by 2015, by @Sashin9000
  465. Australian street jerks
  466. Today on #PunWatch: Stone
  467. Mark Latham on the left
  468. Marriage Equality Amendment Bill 2012 survey
  469. Updating your UTS transport concession sticker
  470. My childhood obsession with the RMS Titanic
  471. It’s as if PM Lee planned this for the QLD election!
  472. Happy 23rd Elke!
  473. The April Fools Day Buzzkill
  474. What does Ruben look like?
  475. First US Marines arrive in Darwin
  476. Brief de jure birthday post!
  477. My de facto birthday 2012!
  478. Happy birthday! Sydney Harbour Bridge turns 80
  479. Muppets, mini book review, Goldman Sachs
  480. Canada scares poor little Dick Cheney
  481. Japan and Douglas Adams
  482. Leap Day 2012, now with more nostalgia!
  483. Legal bedfellows
  484. Mmm, Australian bank gravy
  485. IKEA day with @Sebasu_tan and @hanezawakirika
  486. Car crash in Earlwood, a mortality check!
  487. Merkel, Sarkozy say growth key in euro crisis
  488. Late afternoon pontifications
  489. Won’t somebody think of the gift card issuers
  490. We had Yuletide cheer again!
  491. Hi mumster, checking in again
  492. Christopher Hitchens on North Korea
  493. Václav Havel and Kim Jong Il
  494. Christopher Hitchens, 1949-2011
  495. US troops in Iraq 2003-2011
  496. We finally have another Christmas tree :)
  497. Don’t worry, they’re green bullets!
  498. International AIDS Awareness Day 2011
  499. #OfficialUnofficialMeetUp
  500. A Cup of Joe
  501. Cause this is my United States of Whatever
  502. Penny Wong on marriage equality
  503. Mario Monti
  504. Einstein was a genius
  505. 11:11 on 11/11/11
  506. Insert sleeper caffeine pun here
  507. Rubenerd Fun Facts #100
  508. The @hanezawakirika on Ruby-Tan!
  509. 10,000 questions from @jeorgina
  510. Clari-throm-ycin
  511. Japan needs a backup capital city!
  512. Emergency snow heels are for emergencies
  513. Made one of them Japanese eel things
  514. Am I the only one not giddy and waving a flag over this?
  515. Soft sweet pretzels look sweet
  516. NSW post-leadership benefits… wait, what?
  517. Victorian Gaming Minister O’Brien has a dumb haircut
  518. Headaches are
  519. Finally, a useful CAPTCHA
  520. Steve Jobs vigil at the flagship Sydney Apple Store
  521. Here’s to the Crazy Ones. The misfits. The rebels.
  522. Steve Jobs
  523. Ruben’s Australian immigration rant of 2011
  524. Advances in corn mazes
  525. Recycled shipping container house
  526. Railfans fixate on stuff like this
  527. It’s the Opal card!
  528. Does nobody teach respect for The Timeline?
  529. Singapore’s new president
  530. Goodbye Steve
  531. Hello darkness my old friend…
  532. Singapore’s presidential race in one tweet
  533. He should fix PayPal first
  534. Changi protection, now with more fibre
  535. Ripping ratings agencies a new one
  536. CNN: Alaskan credit rating still AAA
  537. IKEA VÄTE lamps need slender bulbs!
  538. The big C
  539. YouTube videos to scare refugees?
  540. The Sydney Rocks Aroma Festival 2011
  541. Nothing but fantastic Irish economic news!
  542. Done the Australian eCensus
  543. My rebuttal of Eric Abetz on #QandA
  544. My dream house
  545. My Australian Bureau of Statistics infographic
  546. We’re all Norweigian today
  547. Assembling Boeing’s A380
  548. The Gottschild-System CBS 3800
  549. NASA in 2011
  550. Mission STS-135
  551. Goodbye, and good riddance NotW
  552. Not paying attention to Moody’s?
  553. Finally, a government website that makes sense
  554. UTS and Happy Day 2011!
  555. Libertarianism-ism?
  556. Dr Najib Razak’s meaning?
  557. +61 3 9945 7300 is Insurance Line telemarketers
  558. Winter at Museum Station
  559. A common sense Queen’s Birthday
  560. Governments buying stock doesn’t count!
  561. The Schade family garage of doom
  562. Best. Scene change. Ever.
  563. No way SIA/VA!
  564. Arpawocky’s encrypted Mac volume followup
  565. The awesomeness that is @JerryNovak
  566. Chuck Norris doesn’t plagiarise
  567. Towel Day 2011
  568. Never tiring does sound nice, but…
  569. Sydney IKEA train cake LED pudding candles
  570. Cutting Annette Shacklett’s hair
  571. Rapture is nigh! Give to @i2yh and @Rubenerd!
  572. Scrabble HAPPY
  573. The RMS Campania
  574. These Sydney photos may look identical at first
  575. Osama bin Laden, 2011
  576. Post ID 8555 pointlessness
  577. The Great Money Caper
  578. Ben Sidran’s Cool Paradise, track 09
  579. versus LibreOffice in Mac printing
  580. I drink coffee because of my genes?
  581. No April Fools posts from me
  582. First layer of leaves after the election…
  583. Is someone at Westpac reading my blog?
  584. The Tennant 3400 for post 3400
  585. A quarter century of Ruben Schadeyness
  586. Young adult Americans drinking more coffee?
  587. CityRail coin sneakyness
  588. Oh no! Most of us aren’t cool and hip!
  589. Japan, 11th of March 2011
  590. Rubenerd News Network! 2011.03.06
  591. #Anime Yumekui Merry #06
  592. Some random Singapore news
  593. New Zealand, Africa, Middle East
  594. What’s with all the Zune spam?!
  595. Bupa International
  596. He seems legit
  597. Egypt is about the size of Glenn Beck’s head
  598. Floods in Peninsular Malaysia now too?!
  599. WordPress ID 8000 celebrations!
  600. Margaret’s Hinton Train Disaster article
  601. Shiver! What Sydney heatwave?
  602. 42 is code for not panicking about heatwaves
  603. Hot enough for you, Sydney?
  604. Ayn Rand in a nutshell
  605. Witty Crackerbox Palace
  606. Pass the… rushempeng?
  607. When superfluous instructions attack
  608. Steve Jobs in 2011
  609. When stalled BitTorrent attacks
  610. Maintaining my spelling
  611. Barbara Streisand
  612. 23:11 11/01/2011
  613. Queensland floods
  614. You’re probably right, Matz
  615. Banking on lots of fancy labels
  616. Facebook, Goldman Sachs, Pet Shop Boys song
  617. Goodbyes 2010
  618. What is this Australia I do not even
  619. What happens if you don’t Go Dustless
  620. Debra Schade, three years on today
  621. One score and nine years ago, Reagan…
  622. November 2010 hiatus
  623. Aung San Suu Kyi 2010
  624. A weekend without checking email
  625. Rubenerd Fun Fact #98 and #99: Robert Frost
  626. Slashdot quotes Ogden Nash
  627. #SpiritDay 2010
  628. Happy 10.10.10 Binary Day!
  629. 20 years of German reunification!
  630. Happy belated International Blasphemy Day!
  631. VMware Fusion dinners and movies
  632. A replacement for work
  633. My Gillard, Abbott comparison chart
  634. A catch up post with a series of nothings
  635. Wendy Francis’ deleted blog post
  636. Open letter(s) to Wendy Francis of Family First
  637. Majulah Singapura!
  638. Donations aren’t as valuable as ethics
  639. Malawi gets a new flag thing
  640. SegPub outdoes themselves on #fail
  641. Labor support sliding, time to panic?
  642. A Sunday post: Hotlinking Ron Guenther
  643. Rubenerd Fun Fact #96 and #97: Santana
  644. #debate #ausvotes
  645. 15 conveniences that’ll kinda kill you!
  646. 40th Anniversary of Apollo 11
  647. New Rupee symbol for the Rupee
  648. Bad New Zealand food puns
  649. Goodbye Singapore
  650. Packing and data and all that
  651. Careful, well-researched German football!
  652. Fricken packing and fricken word hecks
  653. There he goes about high speed rail again
  654. Format 720K floppy disk in Windows XP
  655. Throwing away our childhoods
  656. A lesson in sheer packing stupidity
  657. An Irish sandwich refuge in Singapore
  658. How rude: Singapore flashes a flood
  659. So that possessions don’t own us
  660. John Black blames Labor woes on greenies
  661. Medvedev’s brilliant environment idea
  662. On SFTP and BP
  663. Aussie Canadian news of interest (rates)
  664. Mr Tea
  665. Headaches suck and other observeations
  666. BP
  667. Brit Hume is a Tool and Singapore’s oil spill
  668. Google Images puts Singapore in KL
  669. I want the end of car culture too!
  670. Celebrating Geek Pride Day!
  671. Blasphemy! @Aliyaki
  672. Newt Gingrich, report for cleanup duty
  673. Are these two stories somehow related?
  674. Eyes, and scripting Tumblr posts to WordPress?
  675. Replacing coffee with tea
  676. On physics and mystics
  677. Moving house, again
  678. Hugs for Mother’s Day
  679. Number syncronicities and pointlessness
  680. The United Kingdom votes 2010 and all that
  681. Rubenérd Fun Fact #95
  682. Surprisingly truthful branding
  683. I should have called the police
  684. Mayday! Mayday! Get it? Get it?
  685. Rubenerd Fun Fact #94
  686. Almost a shame no planes crashed from ash :/
  687. Teabaggers rebuttal, dedicated to Sparx
  688. Celebrating 2800 posts with shinyness
  689. Solar Dynamics Observatory: Jaw, meet floor
  690. I kinda didn’t forget @Zombie_Plan’s birthday
  691. Goldman Sachs run by frauds. No, really?
  692. The Great Schade Family House Cleanout 2010
  693. A Dodge? You know I only drive Acuras!
  694. Does April Fool’s have a Boxing Day?
  695. Morocco’s solar plans, why not Australia?
  696. Evacuate Singapore, islands float and capsize!
  697. Sparx on why people weren’t bailed out
  698. Tomato sauce spelling
  699. #Anime It started as a Senjoughara figure post
  700. Keynes is my Homeboy!
  701. Margaret Thatcher didn’t want a united Germany?
  702. It’s my Jack Bauer, 42 backwards birthday
  703. Seven years of the illegal Iraq war
  704. A 2700 Rubenerd pointless milestone!
  705. American healthcare debate in one tweet
  706. Rubenerd Fun Fact #93
  707. James Randi escapes the closet
  708. Apple to allow iPhone app gifts
  709. Healtcare reform passes in the US
  710. SA Votes 2010: Octopus Battle by Edible_Hat
  711. Watching Tasmanian South Aussie election thing
  712. Voting Green in the South Aussie election thingy
  713. Diagram that made sense when I made it
  714. Post #2666! Run away!!! I’m super cereal!
  715. Following Monnie instructions re: Conroy
  716. Thanks for nothing UniSA
  717. PartedMagic failed? Use an old Knoppix CD!
  718. If I had a diary, this hiatus post would go there
  719. 90s nostalgia and the Libretto 70CT!
  720. The greatest CD cover of all time?
  721. Comparing cancer to… computer games?
  722. Biofuels ain’t no silver bullet thing
  723. A 2600 Rubenerd pointless milestone!
  724. Answering @JJProjects about $100 million
  725. Sorry folks, Nobel Prizes aren’t Olympic Medals!
  726. George Carlin on flamethrowers
  727. Can we expect fairness?
  728. You can’t ignore Tim Blair’s blog
  729. Pretending to be funny at 0230
  730. User:Jimkloss/Thoughts6
  731. Eight goals for 2010, from Monnie and EdibleHat
  732. Trevor Grace’s South Aussie leaflet thing
  733. Hate mail on my Aussie internet filter posts
  734. Steve Ballmer takes on a meme
  735. Dick Cheney is a war criminal
  736. Rubenerd Fun Fact #92
  737. Happy Valentines to each and every one of you
  738. Singapore Coffee shops on Chinese New Year
  739. iPhoneUserNews is coming back
  740. My World’s Smallest Political Quiz results
  741. People still use these things called pencils?
  742. Chrysler, Toyota, Dodge, acceleration, lists
  743. You’ve lived in Singapore too long when…
  744. nano 2.2.2 having issues with UTF-8
  745. American mortgages, Chinese currency
  746. South Aussie election law hurts my brain
  747. Disjointed forklift-hit observations
  748. Feeling fine, thought you’d want to know
  749. Rubenerd Fun Fact #91
  750. Macho dignity email spam
  751. Pressurised Delta MD-80 aeroplane things
  752. People exploting the Haiti disaster already?
  753. [Eurotrip] Weather shockness!
  754. [Eurotrip] Happy New Year from Paris!
  755. 2009 Yuletide greetings
  756. Half-baked Alaska
  757. Letter for the leaders in Copenhagen
  758. Our dog Romeo is feeling better
  759. I can’t call her Laura Douglass anymore!
  760. James Cameron’s Avatar was AMAZING
  761. @FakeAPStylebook titbit tidbit tidbid
  762. Incentives for not drink driving instead?
  763. Closest I could get to a cake for @Tarale
  764. Yay, December! November is over!
  765. Tony Abbott, Liberal Party self destructing
  766. #WorldAidsDay
  767. For today Oli Young is The Word!
  768. Open house inspection peoples
  769. Teacher strike action with the NTEU
  770. Aussie ISPs responsible for copyright?
  771. Late November night ruminations
  772. Bill Maher on the sole profit motive
  773. A Kenyan Standard poll thingy
  774. The 2009 New Humanist Bad Faith awards
  775. Rubenerd Fun Fact #90
  776. People getting dressed up… for exams?
  777. Sending wishes and thoughts to Paul Allen
  778. Burning coal a bit different from breathing!
  779. What a bit of DC-8 paint can do!
  780. Afternoon Boatdeck Cafe conversations
  781. Mummy, melodrama, Penn and Teller Bullshit
  782. Why I’m studying in Adelaide, stop bugging me!
  783. Rubenerd Fun Fact #89
  784. 11th November: Lest We Forget
  785. Ted Kennedy and the heathcare bill
  786. Fitting all of Brunei into a museum!
  787. Rubenerd Fun Fact #88
  788. My second bread baking attempt
  789. A Keith Olbermann Bobblehead!
  790. My little loaf of bread
  791. Donating to non confrontational folks!
  792. Rubenerd Fun Fact #87
  793. Our generation talking to parents
  794. The word sneeze has three e’s in it
  795. Another theory on why Titanic sank?
  796. Wearing a hat
  797. The Greens aren’t as… Green any more
  798. Pointless hayfever rambling to feel better
  799. Tips on how to reduce stress by Krizia
  800. A crappy cigarette smoking excuse
  801. Rubenerd Fun Fact #86
  802. BREAKING NEWS: Something has happened
  803. Revised Aussie coal lobbyist video
  804. Things that have annoyed Monnie this week
  805. How NASA can crash lunar spacecraft
  806. Busyness, saying no and whatnot
  807. Cute if stereotypical French smilie
  808. US healthcare reform view from an outsider
  809. Rubenerd Fun Fact #85
  810. Christopher Hitchens on QandA in Australia
  811. Newsmax isn’t doctor’s journal or The Onion
  812. Rubenerd Fun Fact #84
  813. iPity The Fool who named iSnack 2.0
  814. Rubenerd Fun Fact #83
  815. $58 billion on roads, $1.5 on public transport!
  816. It’s a post about life and whatnot
  817. Not so pleasent World Vision encounter
  818. A philosophical shower quandary
  819. Eat Britain!
  820. Yellow Envelope junk mail
  821. Reminding myself I’m alive at least!
  822. Mark Parnell on Marine Policy 101
  823. Lesson 9 in grilled cheese sandwich observation
  824. Samoa now has left drivers
  825. Rubenerd Fun Fact #81
  826. Prohibition works! Wait, what?
  827. On this day, 06th of September
  828. Why are lobbyists tolerated at all?
  829. Okay Woolies, you win!
  830. Sleep problem diagram #Fail
  831. Fatboy Slim on the Rubenerd Blog
  832. Rubenerd Fun Fact #80
  833. Dick Cheney schadenfreude
  834. Twitter councelling at 2am
  835. Rubenerd Fun Fact #79
  836. Nostalgia for the 1990s
  837. Rental inspection went swimmingly
  838. Sarah Palin damaged McCain’s campaign
  839. Third culture kids and high school ramble
  840. A wild weather umbrella safety warning
  841. Cyclists don’t cause most accidents!
  842. Words of wisdom from my sister
  843. The Emma Maersk is the real Big Blue!
  844. Rubenerd Fun Fact #78
  845. How to fail at girls, featuring Zombie Plan
  846. Poetry while you wait
  847. No Costco in Adelaide any time soon
  848. Telstra doesn’t like Mawson footpaths
  849. Some fun Friday evening philosophy
  850. Help Justice, Defeat Tyranny in Burma
  851. Rubenerd Fun Fact #77: Shane Rogers
  852. Westpac’s bold new advertising campaign
  853. The Mauretania in 1906 and whatnot
  854. I didn’t follow my 1900th post’s advice
  855. Could someone tell me what ASEAN is for?
  856. Rubenerd Fun Fact #76
  857. Moving on from DBS and POSB in Singapore
  858. Richard Dawkins, Memes, #ProductNose
  859. Reconsidered International Relations lately?
  860. ZombiePlan made me into a card
  861. Followup to my nuclear deterrence fail post
  862. Kyle is a steaming pile of fail
  863. Riders Cafe scones and whatnot
  864. How I blog too much
  865. Getting around a Windows ban
  866. Zombie Plan writes cryptic crosswords
  867. Why nuclear deterrence doesn’t work
  868. Buying time when buying books
  869. Rubenerd Fun Fact #75: Peanut butter
  870. GM Holden advertising mediocrity
  871. Simpsons Treehouse of Horror #19
  872. Them Aussie states aren’t needed
  873. Traffic jams in the 1950s didn’t tell us?
  874. Best. AT&T Logo. Ever.
  875. #crocs4ever? They’re made of plastic!
  876. Screw Hummers, I want a Sisu Pasi
  877. Well that’s good to know!
  878. For real, my last atheism post
  879. Rubenerd Fun Fact #74: Bill Maher
  880. Religious offence is a one-way street!
  881. Importance of mentors to young people
  882. Happy Canada Day!
  883. Not blogging about not blogging
  884. Saturday night foodstuff philosophy
  885. Rubenerd Fun Fact #73
  886. Bill to allow same sex marriage in Australia
  887. Rubenerd Fun Fact #72
  888. Think about the content, not the medium!
  889. Israeli army not doing itself any moral favours
  890. A very merry Queen’s Birthday to you!
  891. Rediscovering the wonders of fabric softener
  892. Stop the Settlements petition
  893. On Steve Jobs, Tony Snow and health
  894. The leadership skills of W Bush. Wait, what?
  895. Adelaide culture shock: No 7-Elevens!
  896. Even the uni is talking about swine flu now
  897. Australian political party quiz results, sustainable economics
  898. Don’t think ambidextrousness is a word
  899. Moving on from atheism, humanism commentary
  900. Pro life, pro family and other misnomers
  901. Great parenting philosophy quote
  902. This site is dedicated to Debra Schade
  903. Don’t write blog posts at 01:30am
  904. Don’t look now, it’s a useless 1666 post!
  905. Ten more Rubenerd Fun Facts!
  906. US rejoins the UN Human Rights Forum
  907. Well there goes my respect for credit unions
  908. AdelaideNow newspaper comments
  909. My answers to Zomblie Plan’s quiz post
  910. Reader comment: Being good without God
  911. A cat followed us home in the night
  912. A philosophical revelation: I’m a humanist
  913. Twittering with South Australian Premier Mike Rann!
  914. BBC News says Asia needs to stop export addiction
  915. LivingSocial list: Things that terrify me!
  916. Lesson eight in grilled cheese sandwich observation
  917. An Adelaide public transport ramble
  918. Sweden allows same-sex marriage!
  919. LivingSocial list: Favourite heathen tomes!
  920. When I blog late at night…
  921. Twitter’s low retention rate
  922. Yes, I am an advertisement free blog! I think…
  923. On Sparx, grilled cheese sandwiches and jaffles
  924. AFL coach comparing lost game to Anzacs?
  925. Aussie banks taking advantage of consumers?
  926. Mark Parnell on Ian Plimer’s climate change challenge
  927. Dave Winer on money versus happiness
  928. South Australia: The Unpretentious State?
  929. Elephant on a trampoline
  930. Sad month for gay rights in South Australia
  931. Online monetisation is a misnomer at best
  932. They have Google in English now?
  933. Easter eating… does a book I’m reading count?
  934. Four Mark Twain quotes are more than three
  935. PKR wins Bukit Selambau by-election
  936. Clipmark: Some of my favourite Slashdot sigs
  937. Clipmark: Joe the Plumber a political William Hung?
  938. Lesson 7 in grilled cheese sandwich observation
  939. Clipmark: Barack Obama on tax havens
  940. Adelaide hot cross buns and local fruit
  941. My life is finally back on track people!
  942. I don’t think Holden’s troubles are surprising
  943. Becoming a fan of Malcolm Turnbull on Facebook
  944. Clipmark: Greens call for China spy alert in Australia
  945. Even Google now has an Earth Hour page
  946. My 23rd birthday photos from Hahndorf
  947. Lesson 6 in grilled cheese sandwich observation
  948. Kevin Rudd meets Barack Obama, Adelaide Advertiser
  949. On Adelaide Hummers and Piaggios
  950. Clipmark: Senator Conroy on Twitter
  951. J-Walk’s sinister plan to harvest personal information
  952. Ten fresh Rubenerd fun facts!
  953. Businesses that are too big to fail
  954. Cute uninteded political commentary in my CSS
  955. A Sunday Boatdeck Cafe Mugaccino post
  956. Pointless observation regarding palindromic numbers
  957. Scary tornado warnings in South Australia
  958. Jon Stewart in his finest form ever
  959. Manichaean paranoia deleted from Wikipedia
  960. Dangerous war relics in the US and Singapore
  961. An epic Australia Post fail of state proportions!
  962. My joke against Bill O’Reilly saga continues, again
  963. Aussie internet filter dead in the water and whatnot
  964. What’s the perfect addition to any cheeseboard?
  965. Sam Harris and believing because of evidence
  966. Narcissistic conspiracy theorists… STFU!
  967. I’m Blacked Out for New Zealand
  968. If it ain’t one dang thing it’s another!
  969. On Jonathan Schwartz, Sun and Barack Obama
  970. Stick a fork in him, Bush is done!
  971. The world is my coffee today folks!
  972. On oxymorons and sustainable business
  973. Mary Wallace on love and happiness
  974. Bummer, tarnation and… and… bummer
  975. Awake and ready to go… at 03:30
  976. Japan moving
  977. A hard hitting and relevent post
  978. How does my dad manage this?
  979. Emailing a politician… and getting a response!
  980. Results for Frome by-election in South Australia
  981. Gong Xi Fa Cai and Happy Australia Day!
  982. Responses for my Bush Nixon post
  983. History will judge George W. Bush well. Wait, what?
  984. Obama is president, we heave a sigh of relief
  985. A quick sort-of Middle East story of my own
  986. Less than four hours before Obama inauguration
  987. Don’t look now, Ruben can’t sleep again
  988. Bill Moyers on Israel, Gaza and lives
  989. First of the last single digit days for Dubbya
  990. Steve Jobs’ health should not be a public spectacle
  991. Peace in Hebrew, Arabic and English
  992. German Singapore facts you may or may not know!
  993. Beautiful Carl Sagan atheism quote picture
  994. My political compass, mild left wing libertarian?
  995. Ten fresh Rubenerd Fun Facts, part four
  996. Another adventure with an Australian bank
  997. Text message insight philosophy
  998. My attempt at a Canadian Liberal NDP coalition post
  999. Lesson 5 in grilled cheese sandwich observation
  1000. Comment on my Bill O’Reilly Flickr photo
  1001. I’ll let Stewie Griffin answer this comment
  1002. Randy Fullerton’s comments on my sleep post
  1003. The dramas behind the Lockheed L-1011 TriStar
  1004. Google Reader at 3am: sleep related stories
  1005. Ten fresh new Rubenerd Fun Facts, part three
  1006. This aeroplane looks like it’s wearing mascara
  1007. Catpuccino
  1008. Calling BS on cancer wait and see approach
  1009. Diplomatic responses to my government bailout
  1010. My own current woes with realtors and rent
  1011. Have bank bailouts exposed a serious flaw?
  1012. Ten fresh Rubenerd Fun Facts, part two
  1013. On Adelaide Airport, Embraer E-Jets
  1014. Ten fresh new Rubenerd Fun Facts!
  1015. Podcast feed has been fixed
  1016. Is General Motors worth saving? Well…
  1017. Nostalgic for credit crunch days
  1018. Even Ferraris need to be pushed!
  1019. Ruben’s mostly-fail-safe method for beating blues
  1020. Lesson 4 in grilled cheese sandwich observation
  1021. Alaskan senate election race news
  1022. Our Prime Minister is now on Twitter!
  1023. It was a hot one in Adelaide yesterday
  1024. Australian internet censorship pilot to commence
  1025. Remembrance Day
  1026. Conroy, fix the Internet before you censor it
  1027. Reduced profits of auto companies a good thing?
  1028. Roast beef sandwiches for underage cats
  1029. Important philosophical post on Barack Obama
  1030. Someone thinks internet filtering is a good idea?
  1031. The world needed Barack Obama
  1032. Steven Fry’s salient tweet about America
  1033. Twitter chatter over Obama win
  1034. Obama has won!
  1035. Public service announcement for American friends
  1036. Lesson 3 in grilled cheese sandwich observation
  1037. Final post on the American elections tomorrow
  1038. People in Australia talking about Obama
  1039. McCain discusses Australia, Obama does not
  1040. Ominous post numbers are ominous
  1041. iPhone public transport ramblings
  1042. Sarah Palin’s non-answers are scarier
  1043. message for American friends
  1044. Australia would vote for Obama
  1045. Palin pick backfired amongst younger voters!
  1046. The verdict is in, my readers rule!
  1047. I wasn’t born yet: the Convair 880
  1048. We need a world government, and we need it now
  1049. If only oil cost just 100 dollars a barrel!
  1050. New quality of life rankings, why I’m skeptical.
  1051. This is what an economic bounce-back looks like
  1052. Inspirational morning quote of a quote
  1053. Okay I admit it, I like the USA
  1054. The REAL reason CBA is buying BankWest
  1055. Ouch
  1056. My view on the role of capitalism, via Twitter
  1057. Australian daylight savings has started. Free map!
  1058. Andy The Code Kaufman Geass Quiz Kaufman
  1059. Sarah Palin, Russia, parliament, stupidity
  1060. 3/700ths of a Wall Street bailout will feed every child
  1061. A midlife crisis… at 22?
  1062. Remembering Paul Newman in my own way
  1063. GM Holden’s answer to rising fuel prices
  1064. At least Australian banks are weathering crisis just fine
  1065. RBA drops interest rates by quarter percent
  1066. Common sense is the least common
  1067. The NSA incomplete sentences quiz
  1068. Sustainable Olympics? Haha!
  1069. I believe in the United Nations Charter
  1070. Lesson 2 in grilled cheese sandwich observation
  1071. The Church of the New World Order!
  1072. On students and generic brand goodness
  1073. A lesson in grilled cheese sandwich observation
  1074. Olympics tomorrow, and other musings
  1075. Starbucks shuts down in South Australia
  1076. Adelaide life update
  1077. Back in Adelaide, world business rant
  1078. I’m very proud of this svelte post
  1079. The Boeing 777 for the 777th post
  1080. Power failures are.
  1081. Heh heh, piano tuner
  1082. Boeing 767 for post 767
  1083. Jim is back, my own go at philosophy
  1084. Boeing 757 for post 757
  1085. Huge fallen tree on Stevens Road photos
  1086. 747 post, bad taking off pun
  1087. Message to James Kloss
  1088. All work and no sleep makes Ruben something
  1089. RMS Queen Mary 2 size comparison
  1090. Starbucks or Makkers for studying?
  1091. JB Singapore urban rails: about time!
  1092. Batam trip: Straits of Singapore photos!
  1093. Coffee Bean at Bishan
  1094. My suspension of disbelief was DOA
  1095. I’m 22, but I won’t wear one!
  1096. Tibet and the Olympics, a sign?
  1097. He uses the word people a lot
  1098. Glad legal systems don’t work like this!
  1099. Twitter keeps trying to recruit me
  1100. Barack Obama, Bob Brown Awesomeness!
  1101. Debra Ross, Mummy’s funeral
  1102. Message for the world
  1103. My mum lost the 12 year battle
  1104. Australia 2007 – Voting Green!
  1105. Australia 2007 – No more John Howard!
  1106. GM to start making hairspray!
  1107. Africans are genetically inferior? Codswhallop!
  1108. Earthquake hits Indonesia, rocks Singapore
  1109. Dead airline models and such
  1110. The Big Three, huge cars and sales
  1111. All work and no play makes Ruben need coffee
  1112. Jon Stewart on George W Bush’s Job
  1113. Using HTML, XHTML for word processing
  1114. Had a Lucky Break yet?
  1115. Wishes for Tony Snow
  1116. The Hinton train disaster revisited
  1117. AJAX: repeating past mistakes
  1118. Singapore, landscaping, transport and such
  1119. Ruben’s Top 10
  1120. The joys!
  1121. Ruben’s 21st eve musings!
  1122. Robert Meyer’s inconvenient truth
  1123. Insert relieved title here
  1124. Another mum update
  1125. Eerie Saturday night in Kuala Lumpur…
  1126. Happy Singles Awareness Day
  1127. The Desk: Hope slipping even further
  1128. Asia-Pacific rally, save for China
  1129. Ruthie Mazengarb’s third year! Good stuff!
  1130. Ruben fails Poetry 101
  1131. Do sarcastic girls turn you off?
  1132. Rebecca Hagelin shoudn’t try economics lah!
  1133. The Desk: Is her hope slipping?
  1134. Redesigned New Zealand flag…
  1135. Great comment regarding my flat tax system post
  1136. Johor Floods Intensify, No Relief in Sight
  1137. Comparing Flat Tax to Variable Tax
  1138. All You Would Ever Want To Know About John Howard!
  1139. The Desk: Singapore Move… Again?
  1140. The Desk: Singapore Moving Speculation
  1141. George W. Bush in Singapore
  1142. Segway Cops!
  1143. New Hang Seng and Singapore Straits Times Records!
  1144. It’s Not Easy Being An Atheist… Apparently!
  1145. More Woes For Adelaide Airport
  1146. The Desk: 25 Years!
  1147. Rubenerd Fugly Car Awards!
  1148. The Desk: George W. Bush and Elke Schade
  1149. Democrats Sweep Republicans Out of Power!
  1150. The Desk: James Ross and James Ross
  1151. Stop Bush This November 7th!
  1152. The Desk: My Mum, China and Coffee
  1153. Grilled Cheese Sandwich
  1154. Malaysian Rainforest Dilemma
  1155. Kevin Keirle’s Mo and Other Observations
  1156. You Heard Me! Don’t Shut Down the UN!
  1157. Days Until Bush Leaves Office!
  1158. Dang Those Flying Bottles
  1159. Another Bushism
  1160. Apple Halloween Pumpkins!
  1161. The Desk: When Things Just Work!
  1162. The Desk: Taking Risks? Rubbish
  1163. The diesels are coming!
  1164. The Desk: Mumster Back on Chemo
  1165. My Mum Has a Account
  1166. Starbucks Circle Charm
  1167. Are You An Evil Liberal?
  1168. Heinz Tomato Sauce and Ketchup
  1169. Bruce Schneier Facts
  1170. No Roti Canai for Malaysian Astronaut
  1171. Chuck Norris Facts!
  1172. Atlantis Safely Back Home
  1173. The Hinton Train Disaster
  1174. Ruben Schade Life Check
  1175. Living With Parents Again
  1176. Westfield eyes Canada, Europe
  1177. House Quote
  1178. Aussie Children Smacking Ban
  1179. September 11th
  1180. Marty Smith Quotes
  1181. Join the EFF
  1182. Late Night For Ruben
  1183. Peugeot 307 HDi
  1184. Australian NRL Game Attendance Down
  1185. Ruben Doesn’t Escape Winter Cold Part 2
  1186. Steve Irwin Is Dead
  1187. Economist Intelligence Unit
  1188. Ruben Doesn’t Escape Winter Cold
  1189. Yogi Berra Quote
  1190. Show Cassette
  1191. Are You South Australian?
  1192. Boatdeck Cafe Air Guitars
  1193. Bloomberg Desktop
  1194. Do Apple Seeds Have Arsenic?
  1195. September-isation
  1196. Poor Papua New Guinea
  1197. Beppe Grillo’s Blog
  1198. Academic Integrity and Plagiarism
  1199. At the Boat Deck Cafe
  1200. South Australia’s Premier Now a Doctor
  1201. Atanu Dey on Humans and Problem Solving
  1202. Sushi and Sashimi Addicition Part 2
  1203. Sushi and Sashimi Addicition
  1204. Beautiful Morning
  1205. Worst.Insomnia.Ever.
  1206. John Howard and Peter Costello Ad
  1207. Jamie Oliver Quote
  1208. Collagen Most Common Protein
  1209. Malaysian National Day Dominos Pizza
  1210. Someone Doesn’t Like Globalisation
  1211. Caffeine Quote
  1212. British Police Thwart Airline Terror Plot
  1213. Smokers Are Selfish Pricks
  1214. Duck
  1215. Singapore $1, Bagua, Feng Shui
  1216. Stupidity Quote
  1217. Evil SUVs!
  1218. We Left Wing People are Evil Apparently
  1219. Closeup of Mug Boss
  1220. When Houseplants Attack
  1221. Samuel Johnson Quotation
  1222. Church of Reality
  1223. Sustainable Style, Living & Design
  1224. Another Wasted $30 Million
  1225. Ruben Has A Girlfriend
  1226. Coffee and Wireless Internet
  1227. 20 Years Old Tomorrow
  1228. Basque Ceasefire
  1229. The Business of Leadership
  1230. Cyclone Larry Just As Bad As Tracy
  1231. It’s Official: Labor Wins in South Australia!
  1232. The South Australian Liberals
  1233. 18% Counted in South Australian Election
  1234. Coping With Teenagers
  1235. NAB Cup Final or State Election? Andrew Jarman’s A Moron
  1236. New Salsa Purchased
  1237. Someone Stole My Salsa!
  1238. Condoms in Highschool
  1239. MyBudget Bills
  1240. The Queen Opens The Opera House Again
  1241. Passenger 57 (1992) Quote
  1242. Queen Elizabeth’s Last Trip Downunder
  1243. BankSA Address, Ingle Farm Shopping Centre
  1244. The American World
  1245. Worse It Gets, Better It Sells
  1246. Making Money From The Bali 9
  1247. Accepting Applications for Japanese Girlfriends
  1248. Ruben’s Saturday Night Beer Review – Carlton
  1249. It’s So Bloody Hot!
  1250. Adventures With Courier Services
  1251. Depression Gene Identified
  1252. Palmer Hyperhidrosis
  1253. Pregnancy Support Line
  1254. John Howard PM For 10 Years
  1255. Immiture People In Lectures
  1256. Really Baaaaaaaaad Slogans
  1257. My Uni Timetable… Yuk!
  1258. Ruben’s Saturday Night Beer Review – Carlsberg
  1259. JavaScript Junk Cleanout Continuing
  1260. Who Will Captain The Crows on Sunday?
  1261. Enrolled For 2006 Courses
  1262. The Ruben Junk Cleanout Has Started!
  1263. I smell a ripoff
  1264. Boxing Day and Palm Pilots
  1265. And So This is Christmas