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+612 8076 2005 is spam
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Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull
Two years of the Abbott Government
Call on Australian Government to offer safety to Syrian Refugees
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Back to Work on beating yourself up
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Tony Abbott is Australia’s George W. Bush
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Expensive regressions for Sydney Trains
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UTS Feedback Survey 2014
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Beautiful Bravia commercial from 2005
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This birthday post is shamelessly backdated
1970s computer science tomes from UTS
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Plushie sushi and yuletide trees from @hanezawakirika
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The Hornsby Tornado
I’m a grilled sandwich, from @mayonakaotaku
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Dependencies and @hotdogsladies
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Sport and art in Australia
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Wahroonga Photowalk with Clara
The Merlin Mann on curiosity
Birthday keeki for mummy
Muckup day
The Sydney Morning Hearld
Prime Minister Tony Abbott
Caffeine may contribute to healthy liver
Malcolm Fraser on drones
Back to normal at UTS
The day I got my foot back
Ongoing UTS power issues
When your uni is still somewhat flooded
When your university lecture submerges
Our first year together
Pixelart version of Rubi
When your ankle is still a beach ball
Followup supposition soup
Kevin Rudd is Prime Minister, again
Happy birthday @hanezawakirika
I broke ground on Sunday, with my ankle!
High frequency trading
Our mascot is ready for winter!
Science with @ChrisMatyszczyk
Baking of bread rolls in the Czech Republic
Commission on the Theft of Functional Electronics
Congratulations @hanezawakirika and @uberlutzer!
Happy Birthday @domossu!
LNP doesn’t want the university student vote either
Lady @Adasifs and Her birthday
Labor doesn’t want the university student vote
I’ll take that under advisement, DPRK
Margaret Thatcher
Veraciously voracious!
I don’t care, I’m an introvert. Thank you @hanezawakirika!
I’m now a subnetwork
The problem with being spiritual but not religious
Albania and the European Union
Twisted #CityRail wire
Stephen Fry on Pope Benedict XVI
Goodbye drink containers, my old friends
Fires at #CityRail and the Singapore #MRT
It was BQ-12-MU
Podcasts Ruben Listens to, January 2013
Feedback from @wonk_01, @TypeDom, @babylove0306
The Fifth Estate Assange Wikileaks movie
Hottest Sydney day on record
Bundesbank to retrieve £125bn of gold reserves
Another school shooting in the US
#Sky for 2013.01.14
The Frequency running in the afternoon?
Good morning, bad night
Hot damn, Sydney
Happy New Year, 2013!
❄ Yuletide 2012
Gangnam YouTube Style
A Mayan end of the world rant!
Podcasts Ruben listens to, December 2012
Last chance to vote on @Siracusa’s shirt design
Dave Brubeck, 1920 – 2012
Summer Night: Live with the Chick Corea Akoustic Band
When I lost some respect for Julia Gillard
我爱你 Clara ♡
Alpha Centauri Bb
Seeing @PSY_Oppa’s Gangnam Style in Sydney!
Albatross by Fleetwood Mac, 1969
Happy Birthday Mummy
Thank you @hanezawakirika
This year’s #CityRail tunnel adventure
Happy Birthday Singapore #ndp2012
Gangnam 길거리 Style
Gangnam 보트 Style
The NASA #Curiosity rover arrived!
Gundam Gangnam Style
Robbie Williams, The Actor
Singapore posts on hold
Bashar al-Assad, Julian Assange
Singapore trip 2012 day 02: Camera battery!
Singapore trip 2012 day 01: Scoot
#Sky for 2012.07.10
#Sky for 2012.07.09
#Sky for 2012.07.08
But it’s just a theory!
#Sky for 2012.07.07
Empty spaces
#Sky for 2012.07.06
#Sky for 2012.07.05
EU votes down #ACTA 478 to 39!
Higgs boson
#Sky for 2012.07.04
#Sky for 2012.07.03
#Sky for 2012.07.02
#Sky for 2012.07.01
Happy birthday @hanezawakirika!
An unexpected express train!
Winter Solstice 2012
A Parisian adventure with @Sebasu_tan
Seeing James Morrison with friends!
An alternative reason for security theatre?
Why I shouldn’t write nonsense at 01:00
Lunar eclipse over Sydney
One of them thinking out loud posts
My first digital camera photo!
Happy Mother’s Day
Possibly the greatest image of all time
100% renewables at UTS by 2015, by @Sashin9000
Australian street jerks
Today on #PunWatch: Stone
Mark Latham on the left
Marriage Equality Amendment Bill 2012 survey
Updating your UTS transport concession sticker
My childhood obsession with the RMS Titanic
It’s as if PM Lee planned this for the QLD election!
#Video of John Pizzarelli taking us to Avalon!
Happy 23rd Elke!
The April Fools Day Buzzkill
What does Ruben look like?
First unedited photo with my Tokina 100mm f/2.8 Macro!
First US Marines arrive in Darwin
Brief de jure birthday post!
My de facto birthday 2012!
This John Pizzarelli post has the wrong album cover
Happy birthday! Sydney Harbour Bridge turns 80
Muppets, mini book review, Goldman Sachs
Canada scares poor little Dick Cheney
Brittas Empire Sherlock Day!
Nostalgic farewell to the Singapore Airlines 747
Japan and Douglas Adams
A plane old fish!
The Herald Sun pulls a Violet Blue… berry Pie
Leap Day 2012, now with more nostalgia!
Second only to Synecdoche
Legal bedfellows
Summer flower photos in Earlwood
Today on #PunWatch: German typos
The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney
Sydney Botanic Garden #photos, part 2
Mmm, Australian bank gravy
Sydney Botanic Garden #photos, part 1
Today on #PunWatch: Currency
IKEA day with @Sebasu_tan and @hanezawakirika
Car crash in Earlwood, a mortality check!
Sydney Chinese New Year market photos #CNYSYD
Taking journalists to task, with @Jeorgina
Merkel, Sarkozy say growth key in euro crisis
Our dog Tiger trying to nom pizza
Today on #PunWatch: Cider
Today on #PunWatch: Golfers
Today on #PunWatch: ATM skimmers
Late afternoon pontifications
My German immigrant grandparents wore deodorant
Vote for The Canada Party 2012
Lisa Ono Music Monday, in a Red Blouse!
I say Sherlock, happy birthday
NYE Family Fireworks in Sydney 2011
Canadian Foreign Affairs gets odd requests from abroad
Won’t somebody think of the gift card issuers
We had Yuletide cheer again!
Hi mumster, checking in again
Christopher Hitchens on North Korea
Václav Havel and Kim Jong Il
Christopher Hitchens, 1949-2011
US troops in Iraq 2003-2011
Do we all like HP’s potential new logo, again?
Australia Network, response to @RenaiLeMay
We finally have another Christmas tree :)
Lunar Eclipse from Sydney
Don’t worry, they’re green bullets!
Julian Assange 2011
Words of Ticketed Wisdom from CityRail #01
Brunei is second best! Again!
International AIDS Awareness Day 2011
Hey, that plane is smiling!
A Cup of Joe
November 26th #CityFail
Convert folder of epubs to mobi with ebook-convert
Free Singapore Civil Defence Force posters!
Cause this is my United States of Whatever
Penny Wong on marriage equality
Mario Monti
Einstein was a genius
Some more 2 bit photos for Binary Day!
11:11 on 11/11/11
My two hours stuck in a #CityRail tunnel, with photos!
Insert sleeper caffeine pun here
Rubénerd Fun Facts #100
That whole Qantas 2011 thing
The @hanezawakirika on Ruby-Tan!
10,000 questions from @jeorgina
Japan needs a backup capital city!
Cute Korean boy bands [초신성]
Emergency snow heels are for emergencies
Made one of them Japanese eel things
Am I the only one not giddy and waving a flag over this?
Media cartels, Australian law, pointless images
Soft sweet pretzels look sweet
NSW post-leadership benefits… wait, what?
Victorian Gaming Minister O’Brien has a dumb haircut
The most awesome photo you’ll see today
Headaches are
Finally, a useful CAPTCHA
Jobs was my 1337 Flickr post
How does David Garrett do it?
Steve Jobs vigil at the flagship Sydney Apple Store
Bangkok night
Here’s to the Crazy Ones. The misfits. The rebels.
Steve Jobs
The Simpsons under threat?
Ruben’s Australian immigration rant of 2011
Advances in corn mazes
Ah ballet…
[Video] Ken’s Sushi Bar Dining dolls!
Recycled shipping container house
CityRail doesn’t employ vampire labour
Australian media enquiry misses the point
Railfans fixate on stuff like this
It’s the Opal card!
Krusty Burger
Something Fierce by Marian Call available!
Does nobody teach respect for The Timeline?
Singapore’s new president
Goodbye Steve
Hello darkness my old friend…
Singapore’s presidential race in one tweet
Environmentalism wasn’t one of their concerns
PONPONPON on iTunesTunesTunes
Did You See Me Coming? – Pet Shop Boys
He should fix PayPal first
Changi protection, now with more fibre
Ripping ratings agencies a new one
CNN: Alaskan credit rating still AAA
IKEA VÄTE lamps need slender bulbs!
The big C
YouTube videos to scare refugees?
The Sydney Rocks Aroma Festival 2011
Nothing but fantastic Irish economic news!
Done the Australian eCensus
Pon Pon Pon on my Way Way Way!
Farewell ode to @LanceUlanoff, from PC Mag
Gerontology consultants
My rebuttal of Eric Abetz on #QandA
My dream house
PONPONPON ~ Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
My Australian Bureau of Statistics infographic
We’re all Norweigian today
Assembling Boeing’s A380
The Gottschild-System CBS 3800
My Harry Potter house
I don’t watch the Emmy awards, but…
My own TechCrunch template
Smooth Jazz Nyan Cat
When legit isn’t better
Photos across the Sydney Harbour Bridge
NASA in 2011
Mission STS-135
Goodbye, and good riddance NotW
Not paying attention to Moody’s?
Finally, a government website that makes sense
My dream about Nicolas Sarkozy
A goodbye Bondi Junction Borders trip
Happy Canada D’eh!
#CityRail post followup with [redacted] and Sally
UTS and Happy Day 2011!
Dr Najib Razak’s meaning?
#CityFail for 2011.06.23
Photo expedition: early evening leaf things
Sony Qriocity
+61 3 9945 7300 is Insurance Line telemarketers
Winter at Museum Station
Michael Franks’ Time Together album is out!
A common sense Queen’s Birthday
Governments buying stock doesn’t count!
Technorati symptoms of something bigger?
The Schade family garage of doom
Best. Scene change. Ever.
No way SIA/VA!
Arpawocky’s encrypted Mac volume followup
Raffles Place in 1969 and 2011
The awesomeness that is @JerryNovak
Chuck Norris doesn’t plagiarise
Towel Day 2011
Retro Sydney CityRail maps!
Never tiring does sound nice, but…
Sydney IKEA train cake LED pudding candles
Cutting Annette Shacklett’s hair
Rapture is nigh! Give to @i2yh and @Rubenerd!
Scrabble HAPPY
Went to Typo today!
[Possibly NSFW] Commons image of the day
The RMS Campania
These Sydney photos may look identical at first
Virgin Australia
Osama bin Laden, 2011
I can haz republic?
Post ID 8555 pointlessness
Singapore in the 1970s and 2010s!
Support Marian Call like Something Fierce!
Are ebooks outselling books? Well, no!
Photos around Circular Quay at night
Even their hair is kinda the same!
The Great Money Caper
Ben Sidran’s Cool Paradise, track 11
Ben Sidran’s Cool Paradise, track 10
Ben Sidran’s Cool Paradise, track 09
Ben Sidran’s Cool Paradise, track 08
Strusta Lake leaking onto my desktop
Ben Sidran’s Cool Paradise, track 07
Ruben’s IMDB Top 250
Ben Sidran’s Cool Paradise, track 06
DownloadSquad got Flipped
Ben Sidran’s Cool Paradise, track 05
Ben Sidran’s Cool Paradise, track 04
Sydney train signal equipment #FAIL versus LibreOffice in Mac printing
Ben Sidran’s Cool Paradise, track 03
I drink coffee because of my genes?
Ben Sidran’s Cool Paradise, track 02
Ben Sidran’s Cool Paradise, track 01
And the award for worrying awards…
No April Fools posts from me
First layer of leaves after the election…
Is someone at Westpac reading my blog?
The NSW elections were tectonic… really?!
The Tennant 3400 for post 3400
A quarter century of Ruben Schadeyness
Limewire to be sued for $75 trillion?
Young adult Americans drinking more coffee?
Seeing Weird Al Yankovic
CityRail coin sneakyness
#QandA in three words tonight
Earlwood sunset
Super creepy train ride of doom
Oh no! Most of us aren’t cool and hip!
CNET, CNA get their priorities straight
Japan, 11th of March 2011
Rubénerd News Network! 2011.03.06
#Anime Yumekui Merry #06
Japan Airlines should have used JAS’s livery!
Some random Singapore news
Standing at the end of the world
Our Taronga Western Plains Zoo trip!
Borders in Singapore, take two
New Zealand, Africa, Middle East
Making sense of them Borders shutdowns
How I choose music
What’s with all the Zune spam?!
Bupa International
Randomly awesome Star Trek paraphernalia
A Keith Olbermann bobblehead present!
He seems legit
Egypt is about the size of Glenn Beck’s head
Floods in Peninsular Malaysia now too?!
WordPress ID 8000 celebrations!
Margaret’s Hinton Train Disaster article
Shiver! What Sydney heatwave?
42 is code for not panicking about heatwaves
Rambutans, Singapore, makan makan
Julian Assange’s agenda
Hot enough for you, Sydney?
I knew there was a reason Esther was awesome
The Anodized Behemoth
Ayn Rand in a nutshell
BREAKING NEWS: Record labels are stupid
The world needs another airport security rant
Witty Crackerbox Palace
OH NO, the Golden Globes are… rigged?!
I wish I could have liked IBMs video
Pass the… rushempeng?
When superfluous instructions attack
Steve Jobs in 2011
When stalled BitTorrent attacks
Maintaining my spelling
Barbara Streisand
23:11 11/01/2011
Queensland floods
You’re probably right, Matz
Banking on lots of fancy labels
Ruben is a sucker, and a new Starbucks logo
Facebook, Goldman Sachs, Pet Shop Boys song
RIP Gerry Rafferty 1947-2011
Hey look, a false banking advertisement!
Nonsense barometers, Spanish copyright
Goodbyes 2010
Stieg Larsson’s epic holiday ebook sales
What is this Australia I do not even
What happens if you don’t Go Dustless
Perplexing Qantas greeting cards
Debra Schade, three years on today
One score and nine years ago, Reagan…
November 2010 hiatus
Aung San Suu Kyi 2010
A weekend without checking email
Best. Train line opening. Ever.
Rubénerd Fun Fact #98 and #99: Robert Frost
Threatening Earlwood skies
Slashdot quotes Ogden Nash
Economist hating on Helvetica
#SpiritDay 2010
One drop of water
Happy 10.10.10 Binary Day!
Flight of the Conchords poster
Flight of the Murray Photoshoppers
20 years of German reunification!
Happy belated International Blasphemy Day!
VMware Fusion dinners and movies
A replacement for work
My Gillard, Abbott comparison chart
A catch up post with a series of nothings
Wendy Francis’ deleted blog post
Open letter(s) to Wendy Francis of Family First
Majulah Singapura!
Donations aren’t as valuable as ethics
Malawi gets a new flag thing
SegPub outdoes themselves on #fail
Labor support sliding, time to panic?
A Sunday post: Hotlinking Ron Guenther
Whole Wheat Radio: The Dan Mac Quintet
Rubénerd Fun Fact #96 and #97: Santana
#debate #ausvotes
15 conveniences that’ll kinda kill you!
40th Anniversary of Apollo 11
Aussie politics in a nutshell
New Rupee symbol for the Rupee
Morning Sydney out our window
Bad New Zealand food puns
Nighttime Sydney out our window
Goodbye Singapore
The RIAA criminal enterprise
Packing and data and all that
Careful, well-researched German football!
Fricken packing and fricken word hecks
The Julia Gillard Kevin Rudd #spill
There he goes about high speed rail again
Format 720K floppy disk in Windows XP
Indie media in the Czech Republic?
Throwing away our childhoods
A lesson in sheer packing stupidity
An Irish sandwich refuge in Singapore
How rude: Singapore flashes a flood
So that possessions don’t own us
Kallen Stadtfeld celebrates Sweden Day!
John Black blames Labor woes on greenies
Medvedev’s brilliant environment idea
On SFTP and BP
Aussie Canadian news of interest (rates)
Mr Tea
Headaches suck and other observeations
Kubatana Marimba Ensemble on WWR
Brit Hume is a Tool and Singapore’s oil spill
Google Images puts Singapore in KL
I want the end of car culture too!
Celebrating Geek Pride Day!
Blasphemy! @Aliyaki
Newt Gingrich, report for cleanup duty
Are these two stories somehow related?
Eyes, and scripting Tumblr posts to WordPress?
Replacing coffee with tea
On physics and mystics
Moving house, again
Hugs for Mother’s Day
Number syncronicities and pointlessness
BBC shows me what might happens [sic]
The United Kingdom votes 2010 and all that
Rubenérd Fun Fact #95
Google Editions to sell electronic dead trees
Reuters on the New York City bomb scare
Surprisingly truthful branding
I should have called the police
It started as a Woolworths payment rant
Mayday! Mayday! Get it? Get it?
Rubénerd Fun Fact #94
Almost a shame no planes crashed from ash :/
Teabaggers rebuttal, dedicated to Sparx
Celebrating 2800 posts with shinyness
Solar Dynamics Observatory: Jaw, meet floor
I kinda didn’t forget @Zombie_Plan’s birthday
Goldman Sachs run by frauds. No, really?
The Great Schade Family House Cleanout 2010
Malaysia Airlines public service announcement
A Dodge? You know I only drive Acuras!
Push and pull behind newspaper declines
An unexpected trip back to Singapore
Does April Fool’s have a Boxing Day?
Morocco’s solar plans, why not Australia?
Evacuate Singapore, islands float and capsize!
Penn and Teller: Jazz Saves
Sparx on why people weren’t bailed out
Giving up television for a year
Hyundai logo trivia stuff
Tomato sauce spelling
On @MarianCall and Lady Gaga in Adelaide
#Anime It started as a Senjoughara figure post
Testing Audible’s Share With Friends link
Shared WWR artist 06: Peter Mulvey
Keynes is my Homeboy!
Margaret Thatcher didn’t want a united Germany?
Audible book #fail
Going to see Bebel Gilberto!
It’s my Jack Bauer, 42 backwards birthday
Impulsive Futurama boots
Seven years of the illegal Iraq war
A 2700 Rubénerd pointless milestone!
American healthcare debate in one tweet
Rubenerd Fun Fact #93
James Randi escapes the closet
Apple to allow iPhone app gifts
Healtcare reform passes in the US
SA Votes 2010: Octopus Battle by Edible_Hat
Watching Tasmanian South Aussie election thing
Voting Green in the South Aussie election thingy
Futurama is being un-Wonderfalls-ed!
Diagram that made sense when I made it
Post #2666! Run away!!! I’m super cereal!
What’s a Mall Et?
The Paris Métro IKEA advertising stunt
Following Monnie instructions re: Conroy
Thanks for nothing UniSA
The Dequindre Cut in Detroit
Encyclopedia Brand Generica
PartedMagic failed? Use an old Knoppix CD!
WWR artist of the day 05: Michael Wolff
Bruce Schneier facts, again!
If I had a diary, this hiatus post would go there
90s nostalgia and the Libretto 70CT!
WWR artist of the day 04: Johnsmith
The greatest CD cover of all time?
WWR artist of the day 03: Esther Golton
WWR artist of the day 02: Chicago Blues Reunion
Comparing cancer to… computer games?
Biofuels ain’t no silver bullet thing
A 2600 Rubénerd pointless milestone!
Answering @JJProjects about $100 million
Sorry folks, Nobel Prizes aren’t Olympic Medals!
George Carlin on flamethrowers
Can we expect fairness?
You can’t ignore Tim Blair’s blog
Yo BBC, leave the Asian Network & 6Music alone
Melissa Mitchell and Spiff WWR concert
Pretending to be funny at 0230
Eight goals for 2010, from Monnie and EdibleHat
Trevor Grace’s South Aussie leaflet thing
Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Adelaide, pause
Hate mail on my Aussie internet filter posts
We need Aussie high speed rail!
Steve Ballmer takes on a meme
Dick Cheney is a war criminal
Rubénerd Fun Fact #92
Happy Valentines to each and every one of you
Singapore Coffee shops on Chinese New Year
iPhoneUserNews is coming back
[Photos] New apartment building out my window!
[Photos] CNY Singapore feels so deserted!
My World’s Smallest Political Quiz results
People still use these things called pencils?
Chrysler, Toyota, Dodge, acceleration, lists
You’ve lived in Singapore too long when…
nano 2.2.2 having issues with UTF-8
American mortgages, Chinese currency
Anti-swearing people don’t like nerds?
South Aussie election law hurts my brain
Disjointed forklift-hit observations
Feeling fine, thought you’d want to know
Rubénerd Fun Fact #91
Macho dignity email spam
Pressurised Delta MD-80 aeroplane things
Voting for Ray Foley for an Irish Meteor!
People exploting the Haiti disaster already?
[Eurotrip] Weather shockness!
[Eurotrip] Happy New Year from Paris!
Eurotrip Post the First!
2009 Yuletide greetings
Half-baked Alaska
Letter for the leaders in Copenhagen
Our dog Romeo is feeling better
I can’t call her Laura Douglass anymore!
James Cameron’s Avatar was AMAZING
@FakeAPStylebook titbit tidbit tidbid
Incentives for not drink driving instead?
Grandpa the Nighthawk
Closest I could get to a cake for @Tarale
Random iPhone photos from Singapore
Yay, December! November is over!
Tony Abbott, Liberal Party self destructing
Sarah Palin’s book is… nonfiction?
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy on Audible!
For today Oli Young is The Word!
David O’Doherty D’Ont get The Twitters!
Open house inspection peoples
Teacher strike action with the NTEU
Aussie ISPs responsible for copyright?
Audible review that’s Far Too Long
Escape to the Country on 7Two or
Messing with light at night
Late November night ruminations
Bill Maher on the sole profit motive
Dave Winer on Hollywood blogger stereotypes
CNET reports Mickey Mouse behaving badly
A Kenyan Standard poll thingy
The 2009 New Humanist Bad Faith awards
Big game Simpson fever
Rubenerd Fun Fact #90
People getting dressed up… for exams?
Sending wishes and thoughts to Paul Allen
Burning coal a bit different from breathing!
What a bit of DC-8 paint can do!
Retro business jet retroness
Afternoon Boatdeck Cafe conversations
Mummy, melodrama, Penn and Teller Bullshit
Why I’m studying in Adelaide, stop bugging me!
Rubenerd Fun Fact #89
11th November: Lest We Forget
Ted Kennedy and the heathcare bill
Fitting all of Brunei into a museum!
New eBay ad doesn’t account for DRM
Rubenerd Fun Fact #88
Peace hasn’t been given a chance, 40 years on
My second bread baking attempt
We should get ebook versions for free!
A Keith Olbermann Bobblehead!
My little loaf of bread
Who’s Line Is It Anyway? Hats game
Keith Olbermann’s Countdown as a podcast
Donating to non confrontational folks!
Rubenerd Fun Fact #87
Our generation talking to parents
Different songs with same name #1
The word sneeze has three e’s in it
Logo nerd talks about ANZ Bank’s new one
Another theory on why Titanic sank?
Wearing a hat
The Greens aren’t as… Green any more
Pointless hayfever rambling to feel better
Tips on how to reduce stress by Krizia
Lucy in the park with flowers
Tweets from Long Zheng in Melbourne
This car is Epic As
Terrible food puns and nature photos
A crappy cigarette smoking excuse
MPAA attempts to rebrand themselves
Rubenerd Fun Fact #86
AF-S DX Micro NIKKOR 85mm f/3.5G ED VR
Yerevan’s spiffy new Zvartnots Airport
BREAKING NEWS: Something has happened
Revised Aussie coal lobbyist video
Back at KLIA at night again, virtually
Things that have annoyed Monnie this week
How NASA can crash lunar spacecraft
Busyness, saying no and whatnot
Cute if stereotypical French smilie
US healthcare reform view from an outsider
Rubenerd Fun Fact #85
Christopher Hitchens on QandA in Australia
That reminds me, better wake up Green Day
Newsmax isn’t doctor’s journal or The Onion
TNG planet graphics
Rubenerd Fun Fact #84
First set of mid-semester break park photos
iPity The Fool who named iSnack 2.0
Rubenerd Fun Fact #83
$58 billion on roads, $1.5 on public transport!
It’s a post about life and whatnot
This Mac doesn’t like him? Ack, Johnson!
Jean Luc Picard on Data’s name
My Adelaide Fringe poster design
Not so pleasent World Vision encounter
A philosophical shower quandary
Eat Britain!
Yellow Envelope junk mail
Reminding myself I’m alive at least!
Farewell to The Overnightscape
Mark Parnell on Marine Policy 101
Lesson 9 in grilled cheese sandwich observation
Samoa now has left drivers
Rubenerd Fun Fact #81
Prohibition works! Wait, what?
On this day, 06th of September
Why are lobbyists tolerated at all?
Okay Woolies, you win!
Friendly Mawson Lakes ducks
Sleep problem diagram #Fail
Huge evening rainbow in Mawson Lakes
Music sales down, don’t blame us!
Fatboy Slim on the Rubenerd Blog
Esther Golton’s new Aurora Borealis album
Rubenerd Fun Fact #80
Dick Cheney schadenfreude
Javanese earthquake, #7NewsFail #9NewsFail
Whole Wheat Radio on Snow Leopard
Twitter councelling at 2am
Rubenerd Fun Fact #79
Nostalgia for the 1990s
Rental inspection went swimmingly
The Simpsons on feeding goats
Sarah Palin damaged McCain’s campaign
Simpsons Budweiser frogs
Third culture kids and high school ramble
A wild weather umbrella safety warning
Cyclists don’t cause most accidents!
Words of wisdom from my sister
Joe is back at the Boatdeck
The Emma Maersk is the real Big Blue!
Rubenerd Fun Fact #78
How to fail at girls, featuring Zombie Plan
BankSA Crime Stopper advertising
Poetry while you wait
No Costco in Adelaide any time soon
iTunes running for 80:16:19:22
Telstra doesn’t like Mawson footpaths
Eerie afternoon in Mawson Lakes photos
Some fun Friday evening philosophy
Help Justice, Defeat Tyranny in Burma
Surfin Bird over Aussie brekkie TV
Rubenerd Fun Fact #77: Shane Rogers
Westpac’s bold new advertising campaign
Singapore doesn’t get much cartographic luck
The Mauretania in 1906 and whatnot
I didn’t follow my 1900th post’s advice
Could someone tell me what ASEAN is for? Free is Free group back again
Rubenerd Fun Fact #76
Moving on from DBS and POSB in Singapore
Richard Dawkins, Memes, #ProductNose
Reconsidered International Relations lately?
ZombiePlan made me into a card
Followup to my nuclear deterrence fail post
Kyle is a steaming pile of fail Free Is Free group shuts its doors
Riders Cafe scones and whatnot
The Crazy Limb Dance of Bel-Air
How I blog too much
Getting around a Windows ban
New photos: water drop and green carpet
Zombie Plan writes cryptic crosswords
Why nuclear deterrence doesn’t work
I Mad Men’d myself!
Buying time when buying books
Rubenerd Fun Fact #75: Peanut butter
GM Holden advertising mediocrity
Simpsons Treehouse of Horror #19
I love Letterman’s tie
Them Aussie states aren’t needed
Traffic jams in the 1950s didn’t tell us?
Best. AT&T Logo. Ever.
On a Little Street in Singapore
Piracy isn’t stealing, its copyright infringement
Eating Norwegian sandwiches in KL
#crocs4ever? They’re made of plastic!
Screw Hummers, I want a Sisu Pasi
Well that’s good to know!
For real, my last atheism post
Rubenerd Fun Fact #74: Bill Maher
Religious offence is a one-way street!
Importance of mentors to young people
Singapore from my bedroom window
On Qantas and the 787 Dreamliner
Happy Canada Day!
Songs with B words in them
Not blogging about not blogging
Saturday night foodstuff philosophy
Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, Hilde Rens
Rubenerd Fun Fact #73
Jerry Novak’s new Lensbaby Composer
Bill to allow same sex marriage in Australia
Rubenerd Fun Fact #72
Think about the content, not the medium!
Israeli army not doing itself any moral favours
Back in Singapore… again
#IranElection #CNNFail @Change_for_Iran
Tehran’s equivalent Tiananmen photo?
To that crying baby on the plane…
Silly iPhone photos from Mawson Lakes
Murphy’s Law, travelling and whatnot
Red tape and Australian passports
Red tape and Australian passports, part two
Officially the greatest video of all time!
A very merry Queen’s Birthday to you!
Rediscovering the wonders of fabric softener
A drizzly parking lot
Stop the Settlements petition
Half an hour with a D60 and a backyard
On Steve Jobs, Tony Snow and health
The leadership skills of W Bush. Wait, what?
Adelaide culture shock: No 7-Elevens!
Even the uni is talking about swine flu now
Fun testing my NIKKOR 55-200mm in low light
Photos around the Mawson shunting yard
The first Michael Franks fan!
Australian political party quiz results, sustainable economics
I moved from to
Creating your own Whole Wheat Radio shows
CBS selling out to the RIAA?
The Jimbo and Ned Show and the biggest text file of all time
Don’t think ambidextrousness is a word
Copy if you think the Bird is the Word
Moving on from atheism, humanism commentary
Pro life, pro family and other misnomers
Homer Simpson and the FBI
Great parenting philosophy quote
This site is dedicated to Debra Schade
Don’t write blog posts at 01:30am
Sony Pictures CEO: nothing good came from Internet
Cold Country live on Whole Wheat Radio was fantastic!
Don’t look now, it’s a useless 1666 post!
Ten more Rubenerd Fun Facts!
Frustratingly vague review of David Francey
A productive Wheaty afternoon
US rejoins the UN Human Rights Forum
D60 photos of overcast Mawson Lakes
Well there goes my respect for credit unions
AdelaideNow newspaper comments
My answers to Zomblie Plan’s quiz post
Reader comment: Being good without God
John Statz on Whole Wheat Radio
A cat followed us home in the night
A philosophical revelation: I’m a humanist
Twittering with South Australian Premier Mike Rann!
Using Herrie to listen to Whole Wheat Radio
Driver’s cab on a German DB Class 411 HST
BBC News says Asia needs to stop export addiction
LivingSocial list: Things that terrify me!
Lesson eight in grilled cheese sandwich observation
An Adelaide public transport ramble
Sweden allows same-sex marriage!
LivingSocial list: Favourite heathen tomes!
Obama White House Flickr photos
Tee hee, 1337
When I blog late at night…
Twitter’s low retention rate
Beautiful seaside Adelaide tram photos
Yes, I am an advertisement free blog! I think…
On Sparx, grilled cheese sandwiches and jaffles
My Future Self ‘n Me
AFL coach comparing lost game to Anzacs?
Aussie banks taking advantage of consumers?
Aux Champs-Elysées? Oui!
Photo of much awaited Adelaide rain
Using Flickr for screenshots
Mark Parnell on Ian Plimer’s climate change challenge
Dave Winer on money versus happiness
South Australia: The Unpretentious State?
Elephant on a trampoline
A tall Michael Franks on a reduced
Sad month for gay rights in South Australia
Online monetisation is a misnomer at best
They have Google in English now?
The Springfield Connection
Easter eating… does a book I’m reading count?
Four Mark Twain quotes are more than three
My top five favourite British TV shows, part two
PKR wins Bukit Selambau by-election
My top five favourite British comedies
Clipmark: Some of my favourite Slashdot sigs
Clipmark: Joe the Plumber a political William Hung?
Lesson 7 in grilled cheese sandwich observation
Another reason for not liking music downloading
Public service annoucement from The Simpsons
Clipmark: Barack Obama on tax havens
Adelaide hot cross buns and local fruit
My life is finally back on track people!
I don’t think Holden’s troubles are surprising
Becoming a fan of Malcolm Turnbull on Facebook
Whole Wheat Radio to become a commercial site
Missing Peter Cook and Dudley Moore
Clipmark: Greens call for China spy alert in Australia
Clipmark:’s now ironic About page
Followup thougths on the debacle
I heart Lois Griffin and her ways
I guess I shouldn’t be surprised about
Even Google now has an Earth Hour page
Earth Hour 2009 in Mawson Lakes, Adelaide, South Australia, Earth
My 23rd birthday photos from Hahndorf
Shampoo J-Walk eggplant songs
Lesson 6 in grilled cheese sandwich observation
My passport says I’m an Aussie!
The day Singapore internet radio died
Kevin Rudd meets Barack Obama, Adelaide Advertiser
On Adelaide Hummers and Piaggios
Clipmark: Senator Conroy on Twitter
Freak snow storm chart from CalgaryGuru
J-Walk’s sinister plan to harvest personal information
Ten fresh Rubenerd fun facts!
The Aukštaitija National Park in Lithuania
Businesses that are too big to fail
Cute uninteded political commentary in my CSS
Blatently fabricated Boston Legal quote
A Sunday Boatdeck Cafe Mugaccino post
Pointless observation regarding palindromic numbers
Rubenerd Show site down
Rush Limbaugh and Michael J. Fox
Scary tornado warnings in South Australia
Homer Simpson on Wings
The Black Suits Comin’
Callie Shell’s moving photo of Obama
Jon Stewart in his finest form ever
I’m not Bill Kurtis and other observations
Manichaean paranoia deleted from Wikipedia
Dangerous war relics in the US and Singapore
An epic Australia Post fail of state proportions!
A brekkie holiday review, with some photos
My joke against Bill O’Reilly saga continues, again
My revised lyrics for Surfin USA
Aussie internet filter dead in the water and whatnot
Abandoned photo of an abandoned building ramble
What’s the perfect addition to any cheeseboard?
Sam Harris and believing because of evidence
Narcissistic conspiracy theorists… STFU!
Sitting at an outdoor Starbucks near Orchard Rd
A scary adventure but with lots of reading
I’m Blacked Out for New Zealand
If it ain’t one dang thing it’s another!
This 14th February whatnot sirs and madams
On Jonathan Schwartz, Sun and Barack Obama
The single greatest cartoon of all time
Stick a fork in him, Bush is done!
The world is my coffee today folks!
On oxymorons and sustainable business
Why Microsoft, labels cling to music subscriptions? Greed
Mary Wallace on love and happiness
Bummer, tarnation and… and… bummer
Stewie and Brian building a house together
Awake and ready to go… at 03:30
Japan moving
Independent music and open source software
A hard hitting and relevent post
How does my dad manage this?
Emailing a politician… and getting a response!
Results for Frome by-election in South Australia
Gong Xi Fa Cai and Happy Australia Day!
My compatibility with Whole Wheat Radio is HIGH
Responses for my Bush Nixon post
Passing 10,000 plays
Who are YOU looking at?
History will judge George W. Bush well. Wait, what?
Obama is president, we heave a sigh of relief
A quick sort-of Middle East story of my own
Welcome back to the world America, we missed you
Less than four hours before Obama inauguration
Official Obama and Bush portraits compared
Don’t look now, Ruben can’t sleep again
Losing Our Language
The Motown label turned 50 today…
On old computers and ripping CDs
Bill Moyers on Israel, Gaza and lives
First of the last single digit days for Dubbya
Steve Jobs’ health should not be a public spectacle
Peace in Hebrew, Arabic and English
Wolfgang Petry as a Mii character
Do you own data, or does data own you?
Comparing the New Brighton Tower and the Lusitania
German Singapore facts you may or may not know!
Beautiful Carl Sagan atheism quote picture
A quote from Igor Tamerlan in Bali
A late 2008 coffee induced night rambling
Merry Yuletide Greetings from Singapore!
On Rambling, Tanglin Mall, Nikon D90s
My political compass, mild left wing libertarian?
And back to Singapore we go
Oh no, it’s an Adelaide rambling post!
I learned something this evening about Nepal
Ten fresh Rubenerd Fun Facts, part four
Another adventure with an Australian bank
Text message insight philosophy
Camera flash philosophy by Brandon Hoover
Singapore benefit concert for jazz great Michael Stanton
Sleepy head seal by Dave Wares
My attempt at a Canadian Liberal NDP coalition post
Canada and Australia are kinda similar, eh, mate
Lesson 5 in grilled cheese sandwich observation
Comment on my Bill O’Reilly Flickr photo
Adelaide Airport at 22:00
I’ll let Stewie Griffin answer this comment
Randy Fullerton’s comments on my sleep post
The dramas behind the Lockheed L-1011 TriStar
Google Reader at 3am: sleep related stories
Ten fresh new Rubenerd Fun Facts, part three
This aeroplane looks like it’s wearing mascara
Having lots of fun with Wordle
Rare occasion when Ruben genuinely feels happy!
Coldplay snubs Adelaide on their Aussie tour
Calling BS on cancer wait and see approach
Diplomatic responses to my government bailout
My own current woes with realtors and rent
Have bank bailouts exposed a serious flaw?
I heart clouds, latest photos
Ten fresh Rubenerd Fun Facts, part two
Misleading late night Citibank commercials
New Woolies logo looks icky and Web 2.0
On Adelaide Airport, Embraer E-Jets
Ten fresh new Rubenerd Fun Facts!
Podcast feed has been fixed
Whole Wheat Radio, MySpace, Wikipedia
Is General Motors worth saving? Well…
Nostalgic for credit crunch days
David Letterman’s Late Show Fun Facts arrived!
Even Ferraris need to be pushed!
Ruben’s mostly-fail-safe method for beating blues
Lesson 4 in grilled cheese sandwich observation
Alaskan senate election race news
Our Prime Minister is now on Twitter!
It was a hot one in Adelaide yesterday
Video: Now there’s a gas leak in Adelaide!
Australian internet censorship pilot to commence
Remembrance Day
Conroy, fix the Internet before you censor it
Reduced profits of auto companies a good thing?
Roast beef sandwiches for underage cats
Streaming wheaty audio success!
Important philosophical post on Barack Obama
Someone thinks internet filtering is a good idea?
The world needed Barack Obama
Steven Fry’s salient tweet about America
Twitter chatter over Obama win
Obama has won!
Public service announcement for American friends
Lesson 3 in grilled cheese sandwich observation
Final post on the American elections tomorrow
Even more woes with streaming internet audio
People in Australia talking about Obama
McCain discusses Australia, Obama does not
Private Investigation of Private Investigations
Internet censorship discussed on Aussie breakfast TV
Ominous post numbers are ominous
iPhone public transport ramblings
Ever wondered what a new airliner door looks like?
Sarah Palin’s non-answers are scarier message for American friends
Australia would vote for Obama
Palin pick backfired amongst younger voters!
The Simpsons 0913: Joy of Sect
Open seven days a week, it means to us
The verdict is in, my readers rule!
An audience with the prime minister
I wasn’t born yet: the Convair 880
We need a world government, and we need it now
Come home, it’s supper time!
If only oil cost just 100 dollars a barrel!
I really should pay more attention when I toast
New quality of life rankings, why I’m skeptical.
This is what an economic bounce-back looks like
Inspirational morning quote of a quote
Even Aussies think Sarah Palin is funny!
Okay I admit it, I like the USA
Bill Withers had a lovely daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
The REAL reason CBA is buying BankWest
Spring wildflower photos in Mawson Lakes
My view on the role of capitalism, via Twitter
Australian daylight savings has started. Free map!
Misleading airliner news headlines are misleading
Andy The Code Kaufman Geass Quiz Kaufman
Sarah Palin, Russia, parliament, stupidity
3/700ths of a Wall Street bailout will feed every child
A midlife crisis… at 22?
Remembering Paul Newman in my own way
GM Holden’s answer to rising fuel prices
9rules is not a manufacturer of luxury tape measures
At least Australian banks are weathering crisis just fine
It’s a personal pineapple
Not everyone approves of Ginger in Rundle Mall
Ourmedia has deleted me!
Doing my bit to advertise Wheatstalk 2008!
Rendering sports commentators unnecessary!
RBA drops interest rates by quarter percent
Sunrise, Spring and September musingS
Common sense is the least common
The NSA incomplete sentences quiz
I have James Woods!
Sustainable Olympics? Haha!
Wireless networking and podcast musings
Eerie night Mawson Lakes train station photo
I believe in the United Nations Charter
Lesson 2 in grilled cheese sandwich observation
The Church of the New World Order!
Homer Simpson’s barbecue pit
On students and generic brand goodness
A lesson in grilled cheese sandwich observation
Athletes are more important, what’s new?
Olympics tomorrow, and other musings
Starbucks shuts down in South Australia
Adelaide life update
Photos from Perth
Back in Adelaide, world business rant
I’m very proud of this svelte post
The Boeing 777 for the 777th post
Steve Dirr at Whole Wheat Radio!
Power failures are.
Heh heh, piano tuner
Boeing 767 for post 767
Jim is back, my own go at philosophy
Back in KL again
Brian Jude rocks, chemtrails, Hanlon’s razor
Boeing 757 for post 757
Zhang Xuan painter post
Huge fallen tree on Stevens Road photos
Adeliade and Wichita, is it just me?
Hey Joe, what’s your handicap?
747 post, bad taking off pun
Message to James Kloss
737 posts, bad taking off pun
They paved paradise, put up a parking lot
All work and no sleep makes Ruben something
RMS Queen Mary 2 size comparison
Starbucks or Makkers for studying?
JB Singapore urban rails: about time!
Unnecessarily verbose WWR post
Batam trip: Straits of Singapore photos!
587 more reasons to like Whole Wheat Radio
Back from Batam
Coffee Bean at Bishan
My suspension of disbelief was DOA
Wikipedia reaches 10 million articles!
The podcast word debate is anything but simple!
UPS tracking excitement!
I’m 22, but I won’t wear one!
A Whole Wheaty birthday!
Frank Edward Nora’s electronic makeover!
Ed Craver and Esther Golton make my Monday!
From WWR: The Renovators Don’t Ski
Google Earth shows QE2 in Sydney!
Welcome home Esther!
Tibet and the Olympics, a sign?
Should Wikipedia be a time capsule?
He uses the word people a lot
Glad legal systems don’t work like this!
Twitter keeps trying to recruit me
Barack Obama, Bob Brown Awesomeness!
Ec5618 on evolution
A back from Sydney circumlocution
Debra Ross, Mummy’s funeral
Message for the world
My mum lost the 12 year battle
Rubenerd Show conspiracy!
Dave Wares is awake
Deany Martiny Christmas goodness
Overcast photos at Raffles Place
Christopher Hitchens
Elvis Costello
Anthropic principle
Erich Maria Remarque on ignorance
Rubenerd lame encoding
Damn it now both the lifts are out!
QuoteMstr on law, via Slashdot
Bill Maher on freshness
Doc Searls on Linux
Sara Wederman on treasures
Train ouch!
S. R. Hadden
Julee Ng on ice cream
The Joker
Sam Harris on reason
Jon Stewart on karma
Philip K. Dick on reality
John C. Dvorak on Singapore
Bill Maher on health
Sam Harris on world government
Jimmy Wales on quality
Jimmy Wales on idiots
Scissors beat paper
Jim Ross on conspiracy theories
Bad, Bad Books!
Sam Harris on Galileo
Australia 2007 – Voting Green!
Australia 2007 – No more John Howard!
Watching Leo Laporte at 0400!
Aussie, Singaporean and American suburbia
GM to start making hairspray!
Africans are genetically inferior? Codswhallop!
Rubenerd Sunday random images
Happy 40th birthday Frank!
Amazon MP3 doesn’t work outside the US
Running Lava Lamp and SpinRite at 0300
Review of Cranky Geeks 081
Earthquake hits Indonesia, rocks Singapore
Review of Cranky Geeks 080
Singapore magazine misspells Bill O’Reilly!
Finalist Adelaide Schmap guide photos
Review of Cranky Geeks 077
Even more Zooomr troubles
Mysterious Champs-Élysées song discovered!
Pointless PhotoBooth at 0200
Review of Cranky Geeks 076
Last day for Podcast Awards 2007
Marina Bay MRT photos
Pet Shop Boys at SingFest 2007!
Happy 42nd National Day!
SingFest 2007!
Dead airline models and such
Zooomr Singapore National Day Chinook
The Big Three, huge cars and sales
All work and no play makes Ruben need coffee
Unpacking Singapore, day one
A Google image error… error
FujiFilm S9600 Mark 2.0
John Legend music review: Once Again
Jon Stewart on George W Bush’s Job
Both kinds of music: the blues and jazz!
Stunning Swiss desktop backgrounds
Using HTML, XHTML for word processing
Had a Lucky Break yet?
Wishes for Tony Snow
The Hinton train disaster revisited
AJAX: repeating past mistakes
Singapore, landscaping, transport and such
Ruben’s Top 10
Mixer boards and funny little bears
Dave’s Photo Gallery and Ruben’s S9600
The urge to visit Ras al-Khaimah
It’s 209 at Anything but Monday
DCI Tom Barnaby in Midsomer Murders
Moving back to Singapore
The joys!
Rubenerd Show retired
Ruben’s 21st eve musings!
Ruben takes issue with Anything but Monday again!
Monday on Anything but Rubenerd. I mean…
Weekly Rubenerd Show announcement
Robert Meyer’s inconvenient truth
Insert relieved title here
Another mum update
Anything but Monday Show
Eerie Saturday night in Kuala Lumpur…
John Williams and all that… jazz
Happy Singles Awareness Day
DRM: guilty until proven innocent!
Is Whole Wheat Radio down?
The Desk: Hope slipping even further
Asia-Pacific rally, save for China
Ruthie Mazengarb’s third year! Good stuff!
Ruben fails Poetry 101
Do sarcastic girls turn you off?
We’re back from Fraser’s :)
New annoying Google Image search is… annoying
Rebecca Hagelin shoudn’t try economics lah!
The Desk: Is her hope slipping?
Redesigned New Zealand flag…
Michael Franks: Greatest singer songwriter of all time!
Great comment regarding my flat tax system post
Johor Floods Intensify, No Relief in Sight
Ourmedia and Server Move Complete!
Comparing Flat Tax to Variable Tax
Mistletoe… The Ship?
Site Holiday Decorations Going Up!
All You Would Ever Want To Know About John Howard!
The Desk: Singapore Move… Again?
Who Else Can’t Stand PodShow?
The Desk: Singapore Moving Speculation
George W. Bush in Singapore
Segway Cops!
New Hang Seng and Singapore Straits Times Records!
It’s Not Easy Being An Atheist… Apparently!
More Woes For Adelaide Airport
The Desk: 25 Years!
Rubenerd Fugly Car Awards!
The Desk: George W. Bush and Elke Schade
Singapore Sushi Bars
Democrats Sweep Republicans Out of Power!
The Desk: James Ross and James Ross
Singapore on Flickr
Kuala Lumpur on Flickr
Stop Bush This November 7th!
The Desk: My Mum, China and Coffee
Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Another Week, Another Delay
Malaysian Rainforest Dilemma
Kevin Keirle’s Mo and Other Observations
You Heard Me! Don’t Shut Down the UN!
Recognise That Typeface?
Days Until Bush Leaves Office!
Dang Those Flying Bottles
Another Bushism
Apple Halloween Pumpkins!
The Desk: When Things Just Work!
Rubenerd Show Back on Tuesday
Conan O’Brien’s Walker Texas Ranger Lever
The Desk: Taking Risks? Rubbish
The diesels are coming!
The Desk: Mumster Back on Chemo
My Mum Has a Account
Starbucks Circle Charm
Uni Student Habitat on Flickr
Rubenerd Show is Back
Are You An Evil Liberal?
Dave’s Photo Gallery CafePress Store
Israel Brown on Legitimate E-Mail
Heinz Tomato Sauce and Ketchup
Bruce Schneier Facts
No Roti Canai for Malaysian Astronaut
Chuck Norris Facts!
Atlantis Safely Back Home
The Hinton Train Disaster
Ruben Schade Life Check
Living With Parents Again
Westfield eyes Canada, Europe
Typing in Malaysia
Operation Move to Malaysia
Singapore Airlines Baggage Allowance
House Quote
GoMusic like AllOfMp3
Aussie Children Smacking Ban
Opening DAA Files On A Mac
September 11th
Michael Johnson’s Celebration of English Humour!
Songs Names with Song in Them
Marty Smith Quotes
Bender Quote
The Mary Tyler Moore Show
Join the EFF
9/11 Programme on Channel 9
Late Night For Ruben
Rubenerd Logos Done!
Peugeot 307 HDi
Australian NRL Game Attendance Down
Australia Quiz
The Pyramids in Google Maps
Ruben Doesn’t Escape Winter Cold Part 2
Steve Irwin Is Dead
Adelaide City Photos
Economist Intelligence Unit
Tourism or Tresspassing in Tokyo
Ruben Doesn’t Escape Winter Cold
Yogi Berra Quote
Rubenerd Technorati Tags Update
Keeping Your Adelaide Metroticket Safe
Rubenerd Show Cassette
Are You South Australian?
KLCC in Google Earth
Boatdeck Cafe Air Guitars
Bloomberg Desktop
Do Apple Seeds Have Arsenic?
Poor Papua New Guinea
Animated Doors
Rubenerd Blog On Hold
Beppe Grillo’s Blog
Academic Integrity and Plagiarism
Birling Gap by David Wares
The Anti-Football League
UniSA: Low Repeat Viewing for TV Programs
At the Boat Deck Cafe
Dave’s Photo Gallery Blog
South Australia’s Premier Now a Doctor
Atanu Dey on Humans and Problem Solving
Homer Simpson Quote
Sushi and Sashimi Addicition Part 2
New Method for Ourmedia Uploading
Sushi and Sashimi Addicition
Beautiful Morning
My Mugshot on Frank’s Blog
John Howard and Peter Costello Ad
The Japanese GAM
The Aceh GAM
Jamie Oliver Quote
Liberty Versus Security
Repeating Words, Lost Meaning
Singapore City in June 2006
Drunk Daddy Lyrics
Collagen Most Common Protein
Malaysian National Day Dominos Pizza
Someone Doesn’t Like Globalisation
Caffeine Quote
British Police Thwart Airline Terror Plot
Food for Male Cats
Smokers Are Selfish Pricks
Yasmine’s Getting Married Cancelled!
Jenson Button Wins!
Coolio Lyrics
Singapore $1, Bagua, Feng Shui
QuizMania Versus David Letterman
Singapore KFC Shrooms Burger Meal
Lyrics to She Caught the Katy
Stupidity Quote
Should Australia Invade New Zealand?
Shakira’s Hips Don’t Lie, But…
Browsing New Time Radio Podcasts With Lynx
NCIS Quote
Evil SUVs!
We Left Wing People are Evil Apparently
Closeup of Mug Boss
When Houseplants Attack
Samuel Johnson Quotation
Church of Reality
Sustainable Style, Living & Design
Online Chinese Lyrics
Whole New Whole Wheat Radio!
No Crap and Stuff Podcast
Back Home Again
Internet Again… Briefly
Rubenerd Show on Easter Holiday
Rubenerd Show Site Relaunched… Again!
Best Overnightscape Ever!
Another Wasted $30 Million
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