Thoughts, week #40 2021


I’m thinking I might do more posts like this, where I write short snippets or include links that don’t need their own post. I used to do this indirectly with daily imports from, but what if I did the same thing but with one-off thoughts as well?

In the space of twenty-four hours, Sydney has gone from a smoke haze from back-burning, to being cold and overcast, to being clear and hot, to having an almost tropical thunderstorm. Having lived in Melbourne, three seasons in a day was almost nostalgic.

People saying “I’ll get into trouble for saying this, but…” belong to the same category as those who say “no offence, but…”. Anything proceeded by such a proverbial posterial prognostication can only be perennially and purposely provocative.

Today I learned of the phrase teetee on Ina’s latest Minecraft stream. It’s vtuber slang for wholesome or precious comments. Fun!

Sitting on the balcony this afternoon I counted an almost equal number of tiny, fuel-efficient hatchbacks, and SUVs. Nay a sedan at all. Would I be reading too much into it if I felt like it was further evidence of society stratifying?

I’m also relieved to see one of my old haunts from back in the day is still around. Lockdowns can’t have made the lives of coffee shop owners easy. They’re my favourite places in the world, and I feel for them.

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