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Here’s some legit™ email I received over my morning coffee:

Note: - If you are not interested to promote your business, would like to remove your email id from our emailing lists. Please reply back “REMOVE” in a subject line.

It’s a fair point, normally I’m all about the promote your business. But a subject line? Not any one subject line in particular? What am I supposed to do if I have several subject lines to choose from? Next you’ll be asking me to wear a Zip Disk vest. And that’d be embarrassing for all parties involved, not least me.

Mediocre spam aside, this assuaged (gesundheit) my concerns:


I see otherwise legitimate users add this as well, usually above a plea to consider the environment. It makes no sense; a fake like about anti-virus scans would be the first thing I’d add to a malicious email.

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