Thinking about WWDC 2010


WWDC 2010

Looking forward to seeing what Apple delivers at WWDC this year. Some quicky thoughts thingys:

  • Despite having a lowly iPhone 3G that won’t support it, I’ll be interested to see how they really implement multitasking. The Microsoft and Google approaches clearly leave a lot to be desired, especially when one considers the best selling apps for Android for a long time were app and process killers.

  • Looking forward to seeing the new Xcode and developer tools for the desktop. We will be getting them, right?

  • Will all the rumours be true about ditching the Apple TV and fusing its software with the Mac Mini pan out? That’d be cool, because then I’d have a mint, limited edition hardware thingy :D.

  • I’m interested in the iPad as an alternative category of device, but given I can’t afford one and use FreeBSD on my netbook I’m not too interested in specifics. Probably will be a lot about it though.

  • Given there aren’t going to be any Mac software awards this year this seems even less likely, but some news about Mac OS X 10.7 would be schweet. Unless Snow Leopard is seen as the final version of this line and they’ll be moving to Mac OS 11. Would it be Mac OS XI? I suppose that’s too close to X11 to cause confusion. Some more FreeBSD contributions like Grand Central would also be epic.

Don’t fret!

Even if you don't follow Apple or don't use their products, don't fret: the Android people will no doubt taking meticulous notes to copy all Apple's features, implementations and interfaces of said features so you'll probably have them later this year with 2.4 Cherry Fudge Pie or whatever it is. In the case of Microsoft, you'll have them by 2013 ;).

I jest of course, Apple needs competition to keep them on their toes. Speaking of which, where's the new HP WebOS phone? I'd get one of those in a heartbeat, WebOS is beautiful.

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