Thinking about movies


I overheard this at a coffee shop this morning:

My favourite thing about movies is not knowing what’s going to happen!

I assumed that was the entire point of seeing movies until I met Clara, who enjoys reading spoilers before seeing them. That makes no sense to me, but then our relationship would be boring if we understood everything the other person did.

I’ve also got my own weird disposition when it comes to moves: I generally don’t enjoy them. Sitting still for hours at a time, not being able to think about anything else, and leaving the cinema into the bright light of day feeling fatigued and lazy… the experience isn’t something I’m in a hurry to repeat.

I don’t have ADD—and people joking they have it demean those who do—I just feel like I have a gigantic and ever-expanding list of personal projects and fun stuff I’d rather be doing.

A part of this was also realising I don’t like being a passive consumer. One of the great things about indie YouTube video creators, podcasters, and bloggers is that I can financially support them directly, answer questions they ask, screenshot and share their ideas on my own blog, and so on. You can’t do that with Hollywood. That feels a bit like a game changer!

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