Five things I’m thankful for, October 2022


I thought it was worth doing a post like this in light of more difficult family news.

  • My personal health is good. I only wish it extended to more people I care about. No, this is supposed to be positive!

  • Poppyseed bagels with smoked salmon and cream cheese, and a place locally that I can go during work-from-home lunch breaks to sit outside in the sun and have them.

  • Clara, my friends, (most of!) my family, and my colleagues.

  • My half-decade old iPhone 8 still being supported by the latest iOS, so I can kick the new phone purchase down the road another year, and budget the money to a camera instead!

  • The fact I could think of more than five things. That sounds like a copout answer, but it’s more true each time I read it.

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