Madobe Nanami, Windows 7-tan

I've got a huge backlog of unfinished blog posts (at least 300 at last count) so I've decided to create an entirely new one based on what this website told me to do.

8 things you probably didn’t know about Microsoft

Here we go!

  1. We have IBM to thank for their monopoly status. Which is a shame because I still heart their E Editor even to this day and I have a Rational lanyard.

  2. Madobe Nanami (aka Windows 7-Tan, shown above) made me almost consider plonking down $10,000 or however much it is for Windows 7 Ultimate.

  3. "Rick James" is not a supported .NET language, bitch.

  4. REVERSI.EXE was better than WINMINE.EXE, and I actually thought BOB.EXE was pretty cool, even though you’re not supposed to admit it.

  5. OOXML is an interoperable standard because it can render * like Word 95, and the acronym’s suspicious similarity to OOo is purely a coincidence.

  6. Being caught using Google in Redmond, Washington is a chair throwable offence, unless you’re a developer developer developer.

  7. Selling mediocrity is difficult for most, but Microsoft seems to be able to do it without even trying.

  8. Nick Hodge and Ari Bixhorn are seemingly exempt from the company’s officially mandated PR lameness policy.