The xkcd survey


xkcd is doing a survey for weird corrolations (expect to see a causation comic in the next few days). Most of the questions were rather ordinary multiple-choice, with an odd automotive slant. A few were freeform, which I include below for reference.

What's a really popular food that you don't like?

Name the first five animals you can think of.
Llama, cow, echidna, platypus, human

What word can you never seem to spell on the first try?

Pick a number form 1 to 100.

Name a movie star.
Aya Hirano (the poor dear, not even being sarcastic).

Fill this text box with gibberish by mashing random keyboard keys
ㄹ ㄴㄷㅇㅋㄹㅍㅁㄴㄸㄹㅂ3ㄷ쟈1ㅓ2ㅍㅇㄴㅇㄴ풓ㅈ댜ㅣㅑ러빠ㅣㅓ갸ㅣㅓ랴ㅣㄴㅁ올햪ㅁㅈ도ㅑㅣㅎㄹㅅㅁㄷ적 ㄴ럽3ㅔ셔9ㄹㅁㄴㅇㄹㅊㅁㄷㅈ햐ㅣㅐㅛㅅㄹ쇼3재ㅑㄷㅁㅂㄹㄷㅈ3 벟퍙ㄴ짐호퍄ㅔ버엦베츰ㄴㅇ테ㅐㅂㅁㄹ퍈에차ㅣㅋㅌ러챔디너해ㅔㄷㅈ4[ㅕㅎ샤ㅕㅐ됴뉴혀ㅓㅗㅅ됴ㅠ횽ㅅ룧ㅇ노호홇ㅁㅇ니려ㅓㅁㅈㄷㄴ맂ㅂㅁ더갸ㅔ ㅊㅈ두ㅡ세ㅐ,ㄹㅌㅂㄷㅁ,랭ㄴ;텇, 퍄ㅣㅡㅇㅇㅇㅇㅇㅇㅇㅇㅇㅇㅍㅆ펗챕ㅈ대ㅐㅌ뎉. ㅂㅈㄷㄴ라ㅓㄷㅈㅁㅅ허3[ㅂ3221ㅣㅏㅇㄴㄹ마ㅣ첲나ㅣㅋ어파 ㅣㅋㄴ옿샤ㅣㅊㅂ즘냑ㅌㄱ;,ㅋㅇㅂ맨ㄱ랒ㅁㄱ6ㅐㅅㅎ덴ㄷㄱ엘ㄹㅍ; ㅠ차트패'ㅁㄱㄴ인레';ㅊㅈㄷㅁ,낻ㅌ에['ㅂㅈ.ㅋ래.ㅌ,쟏ㅁ츠ㅐㅔㅅ렺ㅁ덴 가ㅕ엄ㅊㅈㄷ9ㅔㅏㄴㅇ셔렆ㄷㄱ제ㅐㅁㄴㅇ걀ㅈㄷㅁ

What's the last thing you ate?
Peanut butter English muffins.

Type five random words.
five random words.

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